The Biggest Relationship Mistake To Avoid

Most people complain about their relationships.

They complain about their partners. Their partners aren’t this or that or do this or they do that.

They complain about their jobs, their finances, their lives.

What nonsense.

First of all, the only thing you can change in this life is yourself.

So perhaps you should work on accepting and finding gratitude in what you have, in what you’ve committed to, and the opportunities you have in front of you.

Anything else is complacent weakness nonsense.

Second, watch how your life changes as you improve yourself and your perspective.

Watch how all of your relationships shift for the better as you start feeding your reality gratitude.

Watch as more opportunities come your way the more you find the positive in things.

Watch as you feel better, look better, perform better.

The growth mindset is fertilizer. It grows EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. And it is the most important thing in your relationships—your mindset.

Your goal should be to stop complaining.

When you catch yourself, stop.

When people around you start complaining or gossiping, change the subject or walk away.

Negativity is toxic. It makes you unhappy. It removes the joy from life.

It destroys.

Life is too short for that weak-minded nonsense.

The Universe is neutral—it just responds to what you feed it.

So don’t feed it junk food and you won’t get sickness in return.