The Book You Should Read Every Year: How To Win Friends and Influence People (1)

“I made a special effort to say his name over several times to myself before I made my call. When I greeted him by his full name: 'Good afternoon, Mr. Nicodemus Papadoulos,’ he was shocked. For what seemed like several minutes there was no reply from him at all. Finally, he said with tears rolling down his cheeks, ‘Mr. Levy, in all the fifteen years I have been in this country, nobody has ever made the effort to call me by my right name.’” Most people DON’T remember names, for the simple reason that they DON’T take the time and energy necessary to concentrate and repeat and fix names indelibly in their minds.

This is a book I have now committed to reading every quarter of my life. I read it years ago, but it didn’t speak to me the way it is now. Wow, simply wow. How the world would change, and your life, if you internalized these ideas. The amount of abundance and prosperity and good energy you’d bring into your life is unquantifiable.