The Critics Hold Humanity Back While The Optimists Drag It Forward

A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.-Oscar Wilde

Some people build their brand on criticism.

They love tearing things down.

They like finding flaws and highlighting them to get attention.

Critics hold society back.

They are the reason we have censorship and cancel culture.

They are why the American is a Frankenstein that grows each year.

They are why science has become Science.

It’s why the majority of Americans are overweight and plugged into a trillion-dollar healthcare system that is a lot like factory farming.

The entrepreneurs, innovators, and positive thinkers are those who drag society forward.

These iconoclasts are ridiculed and condemned as they try to make the world a. better place.

Every generation has a small number of people that dedicate their lives to doing the necessary work to improve the human condition.

Negativity sells more books, newspapers and gets more clicks, which is why so many adopt the critic's worldview.

Most of the best-selling books in history were criticisms of the current time and offered a bleak outlook for humanity’s future.

The Internet has become a proxy for pre-internet and is now a censorship-laden, big corporation-controlled, and mainstream political narrative propaganda machine that is polarizing society.

We are going through a revolution

The incumbents want to maintain their power. They oppose those representing freedom and equality through trustless, decentralized models for engaging in free-market human interaction (Bitcoin).

Giving every individual the power to become a self-sovereign entity is the closest we will ever get to a Utopia. For the first time in history, this is possible to achieve.

Isn’t a utopia giving every individual the opportunity to live their life the way they want?

She people think a utopia is disbursing wealth at others' expense for the “betterment” of society (socialism).

This never works because it is a violation of natural law.

Mother Nature doesn’t play favorites, nor does she intervene to protect the weak.

Human intervention in complex systems always leads to ruin.

It’s why money printing creates more wealth divide (cantillation effect) while being sold to the public as “here’s your free money.”

It’s why regulation often stifles competition and protects incumbents (Dodd-Frank).

It’s why “taxing the rich” results in less tax revenue.

It’s why “social justice” or “critical race” theory creates more injustice and more racism.

It’s why cancel culture and censorship are the current greatest threats to American democracy by being a threat to free speech.

Life wants to keep living. It will find a way. And an integral part of this process is chaos, disorder, and destruction.

Prevent natural forest fires that clear undergrowth leads to massive uncontrollable fires later (California).

Injecting more fiat dollars into the system to prop up asset prices and avoid short-term pain will result in a massive crash later on (America right now).

Censoring the truth and creating false narratives create weak, unaware citizens and will lead to societal collapse.