The Greatest Inequality Today and How Bitcoin Will Save Us

The greatest inequality that no one talks about is action-taking.

Those that take action will beat non-action takers in everything.

They will be happier, more successful, procreate more, everything.

If you can independently learn, think, and take action without being told by a teacher or boss, you WILL ALWAYS outcompete the rest of society.

That said, I don't believe that success is a zero-sum game.

Most people don't understand what it means to be rich or what it takes. They wrongly assume that getting rich is about taking from someone else.

In a few isolated, very rare cases, that might be true. Most of the time, one becomes rich/wealthy/successful—in America—by giving people what they want.

And that's the beauty of capitalism. It's all about helping people.

Capitalism is the free exchange of goods and services between willing parties.

The socialists and idiot politicians that pander to the masses promote the idea that having a lot of wealth means someone else doesn't have any wealth.

Here's what's so funny about that flawed narrative: Having a lot of wealth almost always means you brought wealth to others!

You gave people what they needed. You helped them improve their life.

Yet, most middle and lower classes have internalized the "hate the rich" narrative while ironically living in abundance provided by the very people they love to hate.

Capitalism is a system based on natural law. Humans exchange goods and services freely and willingly, and all involved benefit as a result.

The even more ironic idea of asking the government to step in and "spread the wealth" ignores the reality that it's government intervention that creates most of the problems with capitalism in the first place.

So ignorant journalists and an even more ignorant swath of the population keep heralding this rich = bad nonsense.

When governments try to dictate natural law through their mingling, there are always unintended consequences.

Unlike my small business that will go bankrupt if I don't give my customers what I want, governments are not beholden to their actions. So it's no wonder they suck at doing anything, and it's no wonder they usually make things worse.

And this is why we get more fragilities every year as more laws, regulations, and bad decisions are piled on to our already fragile system.

The laws of government should protect the individual citizen.
  • Laws that benefit one group do so at the expense of another.
  • Laws that benefit one class do so at the expense of another.
  • Laws that ignore natural law always cause more harm than good.
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants."- Albert Camus

Did you know that coffee was once illegal in many countries in Europe and the Middle East?

The powerful didn't like how coffeehouses became a place to "think" and "share ideas," which they perceived as a breeding ground for revolutionaries.

Power's primary goal is to maintain it. This is why revolutions are bloody.

My hope lies in the decentralization that the Internet and now Bitcoin has brought to humanity. They represent our best shot at a bloodless revolution.

Decentralization gives the ultimate power to the citizens because it acts like the hydra.

For every citizen you arrest, ban, censor, outlaw, exile, etc., you create two more citizens ready to fight back.

If you ban Bitcoin in one country, you make it more valuable in another. You can suppress freedom of speech on one platform, and it will flourish on others.

Decentralization is the future of humanity, and the Internet was first, and now Bitcoin is second.

These two inventions will go down in history as the turning point in human civilization because they make the citizens the hydra—something that grows the more you attack it.

This is why the ideas around banning or outlawing, or regulating Bitcoin are mostly laughable at this point. It's like saying you're going to shut down the entire Internet. It's like saying that all Chinese citizens don't know what's going on because they haven't figured out how to use a $5 VPN to get around their government's firewall.

I would actually be far more afraid of China if they were MORE OPEN and allowed natural law to flourish. They would be UNSTOPPABLE.

Fortunately for the West, China is violating natural law through its human rights violations and pathetic attempts at censorship and other controls. You can't hold down 1 billion humans, which means CHina will eventually fail if they don't adapt to the new decentralized paradigm of the sovereign individual.

The Sovereign Individual

The most essential thing in life should be (is) your security and sovereignty. The problem is, in most countries, the typical citizen is unaware of the fragilities they are born into. So they go about their lives hoping for the best while not planning for the worst.

One thing every global citizen can and should do is buy some Bitcoin (and never sell it unless you absolutely must to survive). The second thing is to get a passport so you can go somewhere else if your country oversteps or breaks down.