The Independent Thinking Scale - Where Do You Fall?

Summary: You must think for yourself as much as possible because that is directly correlated to a better life.

If you eat, invest, and think according to what the 'news' advocates, you'll end up nutritionally, financially and morally bankrupt." - @naval

There is a scale representing independent thinking

Let's say that the far left of this scale represents thinking exactly what the mainstream wants you to think.

On the other side, you have purely objective, self-sought knowledge built from nothing but deep research.

We all fall somewhere on this spectrum.

How I feel about it goes like this:

  1. Get as far to the right as possible
  2. Then as you get there, make sure you remain as open and skeptical as possible of what you think you know

The mark of successful thinking today comes down to your ability to CHANGE YOUR MIND as often as possible.

And hey, maybe sometime in the future, the MSM will converge on the truth.

Right now, it's failing pathetically.

Let's look at a few of the broken narratives accepted as the status quo.

Meat is bad for you = it's not. It's the best food you can eat actually.

Fat/salt/cholesterol are bad for you. They aren't. These are the nutrients your body needs and should prioritize.

Carbs are good and should be the base of the pyramid. They aren't. And for most people, they are nothing but an addiction keeping them sick.

Doctors are gods and know everything. They aren't and don't. Many doctors are nothing but drug pushers that know little about preventive medicine.

That's not necessarily their fault—though it is their responsibility—since the entire medical profession is built around overweight people that won't take responsibility for their lives (and/or don't know how).

Vaccines have saved countless lives. Some vaccines have, some haven't, and some are downright scams. Most of the historical data supporting vaccines is epidemiology (observational data) that completely ignores the rise of modern sanitation practices.

If you look closely, clean drinking water, basic sanitation, and waste management have saved more lives than ANYTHING in human history…. and yes, much of this was on the rise as vaccines were also on the rise. It is a simple misattribution of cause/effect, which is no surprise since this is what Big Pharma and other interest groups have been doing for years—cherry-picking data. (That's why nutrition "research" can all but be ignored.)

Government is good and necessary. Democracy is good and necessary.

Both fail. Both are not supported by history. And like the misattribution of sanitation to vaccines, when it comes to government, it' the constitution and bill of rights, and the fact that the United States is a constitutional republic that pretends to be a democracy.

But as Lenin said, "democracy is indispensable to socialism," democracy devolves over time to mob rule, and mob rule, over time, devolves into tyranny at the hands of a select few that use mob rule and things like identity politics and fear-mongering propaganda to grab power.

Every government fails because it is impossible to have something urn by humans not devolve to constantly violating natural law. Humans are selfish creatures and will always do what's best for themselves at the expense of others. That's why governments don't work and keep coming and going throughout history as tyrants and regimes lose power over time.

Now to give the MSM credit, here are some ideas that have been adapted, mostly as a result of the public demanding them.

Smoking used to be accepted and normal. Doctors used to recommend smoking to patients.

It took a long time, but the MSM eventually changed its tune.

It used to be normal to separate citizens based on skin color. That's not acceptable today, though much of the equality stuff today has become such an over-correction that it has the opposite effect.

It used to be normal to discriminate based on sex, age, religion, etc. Now that's mostly not acceptable, though we see it's not OK to do it as long as it is aimed at political groups (cough: conservatives.)

So on and so forth.

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