The Myth of Systemic Oppression: Bad Ideas Are Holding You Back But Only If You Let Them

Today's topic is about how opportunity is colorblind.

I'm only covering the opportunity for "success" as it stands today in the United States. Success to you might be money, security, freedom, and/or family.

I'm not talking about police, the justice system, politics, the scam of college, or any typical job. I think we should all opt out of each of these to our best ability since that's the only way you can take your life into your own hands.

That said, I hope to show you how the idea of oppression as it relates to success is a myth, and how it holds people back from achieving the very thing they want.

Let's set a foundational law: individuals create their life because of their actions.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but for many brainwashed individuals today that grew up inside a bubble of comfort, this truism needs to be highlighted.

Life 101: you get the life you build for yourself and only that life.

Life 101: No one owes you anything

Life 101: if you want a better life, you must go out and earn it.

Life 101: The government should be less involved in citizen's day-to-day life, not more involved. And no individual should ever rely on it for anything, ever.

Life 101: You only reach the targets you focus on—if you focus on all the inequalities and problems in life, that's all you'll see, and it's what you'll get.

Ok, now that we got the basics down, here are some ideas that I hope will take root in more young minds out there.

  1. You can take free college courses online. The same courses so many are going into debt for.
  2. You can learn valuables skills online completely free—Video editing, photography, and editing, sound design, podcasting, marketing, SEO, writing, copywriting, PPC, the list goes on.
  3. You can seek out independent sources of information to get an objective view of the world.
  4. You can study up on history, so you aren't doomed to repeat it.
  5. You can take these skills and find one of the millions of business owners and offer your services. Do work for free then watch as you grow your skills and client base to the point where you never have to worry about "opportunity" again because you will know how to make money.

And this can all be done through the phone in your pocket.


You don't need permission. You don't need some college, board or institution to approve you, accept you. And thus you don't even need to worry about them. Maybe they are racist; maybe they are blind, maybe they are just stupid. Who cares?

You won't because you will become a self-reliant individual that can travel the world and support yourself through your hard work and intellect.

This is the ultimate freedom, and it's available to us all.... if we go out and grab it.

Now, I don't know about you, but this sounds like a much Better action plan for the individual than kicking and screaming at people and otherwise trying to shame others into some kind of compliance you think is "right."

You can either spend your time making a ruckus while staying where you are, or you can get moving to where you want to go.