The Power of a Monthly Mastermind

Building Better Humans by getting good people together consistently

We did a mastermind at my buddy Logan Sneed’s place in Austin with 10 awesome humans.

We’ve done a few of these in the past in an unorganized way, but this was the first time I decided to structure it and turn it into a recurring thing. We now have a shared spreadsheet of everyone that came with all their details so everyone can connect online and all that. We will soon have a slack channel for the same reason.

How we did it?

To conserve time, we decided to do two volunteer hot seats and two Q/As.

The hot seat went like this: One person sits in the middle and gives the group ONE big problem or struggle they are facing. The group then asks questions and offers feedback, advice, and ideas. This lasts for about 20 mins. (A timer is a must.)

Next, we did the Q/A which was centered around asking one person questions related to their expertise. This gives the speaker an opportunity to sharpen his or her speaking skills in a low-pressure environment. This was fun and insightful for both sides.

We are now going to do these once a month. Who knows what other cool things we can do as we build the tribe.

What’s so amazing about this format is how simple, yet powerful, it is.

All you have to do is get a small group of growth-minded people into a room and give them an ounce of direction and you get magic. Literally.

I took the reigns as the de facto “leader,” which means I coordinate the time, format, and constraints to ensure it runs smoothly and on-time.

I’m excited about the prospect of seeing what amazing things will come out of getting awesome humans together on a consistent basis.

I highly encourage you to start one of these in your area if it interests you in the least.

If there’s any advice I can offer, reply to this email or send me an email anytime: