The Results of My 7-Day Media Detox

I haven't felt the desire to go into my feeds at all.

So in that way, I think it was a success.

I still plan to watch YouTube, but I noticed that I'm less likely to click on certain kinds of content.

I'm over the constant current events cycle and the mountain of personalities all talking about it.

So when it comes to current affairs, I'll be taking a much more methodical approach—as I think everyone should.

I also might give up my feeds completely.

If I become a producer of social content, I can stick with just my content and the discussion around it. I'm sure I'll wander into some of my favorite content producers from time to time, but otherwise, I'll be sticking to being a producer rather than a user of social media.

I highly encourage you to try a 7-day media detox (the longer the better).

To take it to the next level, don't log on to your accounts once for the entire 7 days.

That could be life-changing.

At the very least, it'll remove some of your current addictive habits around your phone and media use, which will be a net positive for your life.