The Safe Way is Never The Best Way

"There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing." -Aristotle

Sure, comfort is nice; it’s warm and cozy. And there’s nothing wrong with living a warm and cozy life, right?

I guess… if you say so…

A cozy life doesn’t have huge ups and downs. It’s even-keel. Mellow. Average. Safe. And for some people, it’s exactly what they want (like a Baggins).

Hell, sometimes I wish I was this way—life would be easier, anyway.

The problem with a cozy life is (besides being boring as hell), you aren't ever going to do or experience anything extraordinary. Also, and this is my personal opinion, I don't think you are prepared at all if shit goes haywire.

Think about it: since you are so used to maintaining your comfortable little bubble, and since you never "test" yourself or put yourself outside of your comfort zone, you are, by definition, mathematically designed to break when you invariably find yourself staring down one of life's little tornadoes headed your way.

And trust me, life throws us ALL in the wake of these vicious, seemingly innocuous yet extremely dangerous, tornadoes from time to time.

So really, by living a simple, "comfortable" life, you are actually setting yourself up for failure. Still, most people think they are avoiding the bad by playing it safe.

Yea… that never actually works.

The fact of life remains: To experience the “highs” of life, you have to also experience the “lows.” It's just par for the course. There is no avoiding it. However, you can have some say in it. What you can do is be as prepared as possible.

So how do you prepare for life? How do you become stronger mentally so you will survive all life throws at you?

By getting your hands dirty!

Fall down and scrap your knee like you did when you learned how to ride a bike.

Say "yes" and take the risk: Start that business; Ask her out; Tell him you love him; Stand up to your bully. And on and on and on.

You might think the “safe” route is the “best” route, but you're wrong. The "best" route is actually the one that looks--or is--dangerous.

The easy path sets you up for failure, for atrophy, for danger. It's temporary avoidance.

The hard path is where the results are, and even, where comfort is. The hard path makes you grow, makes you resilient, and allows you to weather the storms of life instead of being swept away by them.

Remember, "easy" and "best" never align.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."‍-Robert Frost

Do it!

In life, you need to take risks and become better through failure. It’s the toll you must pay to cross the bridge into the garden of greatness. It's also how you protect yourself from life's unfortunate, and inevitable, circumstances.

Taking the path of more resistance requires bold action. You risk embarrassment, pain, and in some cases, death.

In the words of Hellen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

If you want to live an exceptional life that is full of abundance and unique experiences, you'll have to take risks. It comes with the territory.

You will have to fail often and hard. Then, you'll have to pick yourself up and try again.

Those who reach success are the ones who have the grit to stay the course when it winds them down unknown paths.

Don't atrophy, don't waste away, don't set yourself up for failure by seeking out comfort.

Constantly challenge yourself mentally and physically and you'll develop the power to have a say in your destiny—instead of being at the whim of whatever life throws your way.

When you are experiencing pain, torment, or anguish, know that you are preparing for your destiny. You'll survive the trial and come out stronger. Then, you'll use what you learned as a means of appreciating the present and being better prepared for the future.

This is the ebb and flow of life. As you conquer trials and tribulations, you build strength and wisdom that makes you a better person till the end of your days. And my point is this:

Seek this out instead of trying to avoid it!

When something stands in your way, use it as a guidepost as the way to greatness.