The World Needs Strong People and Independent Thinkers

The world needs strong people.

Not physically strong, but mentally resilient independent thinkers that aren’t afraid to say what they believe.

Our snowflake PC cancel culture destroys society by removing free speech that is inherent to prevent totalitarianism and terrible ideas from flourishing.

IF you remove this check and balance in America, you’ll slip into socialism and/or communism as step 1. Step 2 is collapse.

The irony of this is the more you police speech and thought, the more inequality you create.

We will solve the many challenges we face as a species ONLY if we innovate our thinking and technology.

What got you here won’t get you there.

The paradigms of old will not get us to the next phase.

Only strong-willed, independent thinkers that are willing to seek truth and do the hard work of experimentation are going to get us there.

Any form of control that seeks to make things ‘equal’ stifles this natural process and ultimately leads to ruin.

There is no exception here. You cannot evolve a species or system through a committee. We see this time and time again in business and nations throughout history.

Fortunately, Bitcoin has shown us a way to align incentives without the corruption and incompetence of human control.

It’s one of the most important inventions in history because it soles for our natural tendencies.

That is a beautiful thing.

And that’s what future governments, city-states, groups, etc., will model if they will succeed.

My preferred way of arming myself and those around me for the future is training the mind. If I can help more people become strong, independent-minded, critical thinkers, they will lead by example and create a ripple effect around them.

Over time, as the open thinkers start winning, others take note and start the process themselves. This will lead to more decentralized models that support consensus in certain areas while punishing any form of consolidated control.

Make no mistake about it; the better thinkers today will be solely responsible for solving the issues we face. We should celebrate them and do our best to contribute any way we can.

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