Thomas Jefferson on newspapers

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson

You can replace “newspapers” here with social media, TV, and any media company.

The % of people that read books has been declining for years. And even more that do read books and buy books, it’s something absurd like only 10% even finish the books they buy.

Is it any wonder we have completely brainwashed citizens running around trying to tear down the very thing that gives them the freedom to share their bad ideas without prosecution?

The only solace I’ve been able to garner for my mental sanity through all this is it seems like, throughout history, hypocrites always get what they deserve.

These awful ideas, all of which are rooted in pure hypocrisy, will eventually fizzle out into nothingness. I’m just worried about the destruction left in that wake.

There was a recent war game exercise conducted in Washington. They theorized that there will likely be massive unrest in this country for 8-12 weeks after the election. We already know it’s going to ramp up before the election, so that’s quite surprising.

If you haven’t prepared yourself and your family, start now. I have a Plan B article over at my site: Colin. coach.