Thoughts on my 35 birthday: Pierce the Matrix

I'm turning 35 in a few days.

If I'm lucky to live for 70 years, I'll have completed half my life.

I'll never get back my childhood or my teenage years. Nor my 20's.

Nor my Dad.

There's a lot of things I'll never have again.

This is important to think about, not to feel despair and angst, but for breaking free from the Matrix we live in each day.

Your Matrix—and mine—is defined by your habits and routines, and fundamentally, by your lack of appreciation of how fast time passes and of how many small, yet important, things you miss each day.

We all live in a Matrix. The key is figuring out how to pierce through the veil as often as possible.

Focus on the moment. Focus on the small parts of those moments that matter. This will not only alleviate the suffering of the past and future, it'll also slow time down and bring you greater fulfillment and enjoyment.