To Get Out of Debt Think Differently

"When you get in debt you become a slave."-Andrew Jackson

You've been fed debt your entire life. This is a feature of our fiat dollar system and has been promoted to the American public since Nixon took America off the gold standard. We've been using our fake dollars to imperialistically addict the entire world.

This house of cards is going to come crashing down, and soon. The middle classβ€”or anyone holding dollarsβ€”is going to be wiped out.

The ideas of debt have been baked into the American dream: two-car garage, big house, mortgage, expensive trips, and other keeping up with the Jones's nonsense. This has been promoted by Wall Street and supported by government regulation. The average person believes that going into debt is just something you do and that inflation is just a cost of doing business (assuming they know what inflation is; most don't.)

All this system does and has been doing for years is kick the bill down the street to the next generation, to my son's generation.

It is all going to collapse, and most people will be wiped out and forced into a place they could never have imagined. Some people will benefit tremendously. Many call this coming collapse the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Let's talk today about some ways to think about your lifestyle so you can stop living in debt and some strategies for getting debt free and finally, strategies to benefit from the coming collapse.

Then I'll share with you what you can do right now to protect yourself.

πŸ›‘ Stop letting the media dictate your mindset, which is based on having the newest whatever and doing whatever everyone else is doing. This status quo is broken BULLSHIT that is ruining your mind.

πŸ›‘ Force yourself to think differently so you can start living differently. I've heard stories of people being shamed by their friends and family for talking about their desire to get out of debt. This is not surprising when you understand that the average person always tries to pull those around him or her dow to their level. If you do anything that forces people to question what they are doing, they attack.

πŸ›‘ This might require you to spend less time with certain friends or family or practice selective frugality. Do not let people shame you into being a debt slave.

The rise of minimalism and ideas like it are a response to our OVER ABUNDANT, too much, society. What you need is JUST ENOUGH and not an ounce more.

Tips for getting out of debt

πŸ’΄ Start reading books and following people that are debt-free and sharing their knowledge. Start manifesting your debt freedom. The more you visualize it in your mind, the faster it will come.

πŸ’΄ Control your environment - what you do and who you hang out with.

πŸ’΄ Hide your credit cards or cut them up completely. (You can keep them open for emergencies if you can resist using them. If not, cancel them.)

πŸ’΄ Sell everything you can on eBay. I sold a bunch of camera gear I wasn't using last month for $5000. That would have just sat there for years, losing value each year. You probably have $5000-$10000 of stuff lying around you can sell.

πŸ’΄ Find a side hustle and take that money to pay down your highest-rate credit cards.

πŸ’΄ Look for balance transfer offers.

πŸ’΄ Call your CC company every two months and ask for an interest rate reduction.

πŸ’΄ Consider a debt consolidation service (do your own research about pros/cons).

Strategies for long term wealth protection and creation

πŸ’΄ Buy gold, silver, and bitcoin

πŸ’΄ Buy income-producing real estate properties

πŸ’΄ Constantly invest in your skills and use those skills to generate more income

  • This is not financial advice, but the personal opinion of someone that's debt-free after making all the debt mistakes you can make.