Two Simple Mental Habits For Those That Don’t Meditate

Two Simple Mental Habits For Those That Don’t Meditate

You hear about meditation all the time.

But when was the last item you sat still with just yourself?

When have you disconnected so you could focus on your breath for a minute or so?

Many people have never done this.

To me, this is meditation. It doesn't have to be some elaborate practice with a special pillow or guided app.

Just be… which means to just freaking be.

Just being is simple, approachable, and something we need to promote.

Taking 60 seconds from your day to stare off to let your mind wander can be impactful and useful.

Researchers, and countless individuals, have started to recognize the consequences of constant connection. Then the reality that few are aware of these effects and you have a problem.

This is why we need as much disconnecting and detaching as we can get.

Start taking a mini-break throughout your day

Look at what’s around you. Zoom in and consider the minute detail of your environment. See things hidden in plain sight.

Be in the moment.

Smile for no reason.

These habits will help you quiet your “monkey mind,” as the Buddhists call it.

There is another habit at the other end of the spectrum. Like detaching, it is powerful yet rarely used.

It’s thinking.

When was the last time you sat still for a moment to think about something specific?

Sitting down to think is not something people do anymore. After all, you can Google the answer, right?


As our culture becomes more plugged into the Matrix, you’ll benefit by disconnecting.

Letting your mind wander or thinking about something specific are both powerful habits. They can lead to breakthroughs, a calm mental state, and better decisions.

I like to do this when I'm driving or when I’m walking around the yard and the sun is out. (And I have to decide not to listen to a podcast or audiobook to let happen.)

But I need to do this more.

You probably do as well.

As I write this, the idea of sitting alone outside and thinking sounds awesome. Not thinking about anything at all sounds equally awesome.


Then think or don’t think.