Wake Up: Comfort and Corporations Are Killing You

An animal responds to its environment in whatever way maximizes survival and reproduction.

This is the basic drive of life.

I write often about how our modern environment is mismatched to human biology. It is at the root of every issue we face.

From social media to sitting all day to our backward food system, we are at odds with our modern environment and it is killing us.

If you aren’t vigilant in your response strategy, you will get sick.

Now or later, your life will be shorter than it would have been if you took a proactive approach.

This is, unfortunately, the state for millions of Americans.

If you want this to not be the case for you, you have to take action.

Maybe not what you want to hear, but life is short and you only get one punch card.

You get one ticket. One quarter. One entry. One ride.

Your brain is not designed to think long term. It's designed to be in the now and to keep eyes and ears peeled for the nearest sign of danger or food.

Yet you live in a building that is temperature-controlled and safe.

Nothing is going to eat you, sting you, or poison you.

What will kill you, however, is comfort.

Comfort and corporations dictating your life through products and services.

If you don't live life on purpose, someone else will live it for you.

And when that happens, you're doomed.

Wake up and open your eyes.

  • What of your routines need to go?
  • What habits do you need to start?
  • What information do you need to seek?

Choose yourself. Then live a life that reflects that choice.