Want to see your future? Look at your routine

"The road to someday leads to a town of nowhere." -Tony Robbins

I've observed people over the years since I've always been interested in daily routines.

How do people spend their days?

Where do they work, and how?

Are they particular about their schedule, or do they go with the flow?

I used to think I was weird because I cared so much about my routine and how I spend my time.

I used to think I was too impatient.

Now I know why and I'm OK with it.

But as I grew up, I started to realize how fast time goes and how short life is and how easily it can go away. And a routine is how I manage this most precious resource—time.

I used to think everyone wanted to be successful.

And maybe they do want it, but I now know that few actually want it.

Few people want to do the work it takes for years to EARN success.

Most people want the rewards of success—money, fame, big houses—but not the reward of earning success.

And that is why you will never be able to convince or motivate or inspire someone to be successful if they don't really want it.

Another thing I've observed over the years is how few people truly change their lives. Most people hoover around the same average forever.

Some get a bit worse each year.

I can't stand seeing so much wasted human potential.

It's depressing. It's a waste of possibility and time.

And it's holding us back.

It is the reason we haven't done more to get into space, to create sustainable REAL FOOD, to solve climate issues, etc.

Instead, we have a culture that promotes excess of the wrong things—buying things to impress people and fill that inner void.

The ridiculous status games that society promotes are zero-sum and toxic. They are antithetical to living a good life even though they are, ironically, touted as how you're supposed to live a good life.

The infinite games we should want to play are games of abundance that come from building things that improve ourselves and humanity.

There is enough space and resources in the Universe to sustain infinite humans. Yet, we keep thinking about the scarcity of one small planet. This is nothing but lazy, small thinking. When we innovate our way out of this gravity well, we will start to see the unlimited abundance possible for us and all species.

That's why it's paramount we build better humans that have the energy, passion, and enthusiasm to spend their lives making things that matter and thinking deeply about the issues we face today rather than becoming debt-slaves staring into screens all day.

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