Warren Buffet’s “Top 5” Goal System For Reaching Your Highest Goals

Your results come from your ability to do things that are hard. Sometimes the difficulty for you will come from your friends and family and peer group. Sometimes it will come from not understanding and being honest with yourself. Sometimes it’ll be the Universe throwing up hurdles every step of the way.

Most of the time, it’ll be all of these in one big shit sundae.

If you want to achieve anything in life, your results are going to come from the things that are hard for you.

No matter what your strengths are, you have weaknesses, and overcoming your weaknesses is where most results come from. We all default to the things that come naturally, that’s easy. It’s the things that are hard that holds most people back.

Few people charge headfirst into hard.

As this relates to goal setting, you probably struggle with one or more aspects of achieving goals.

Here are a few mistakes people make with goal setting:

  1. Not defining goals clearly, down to the penny, day, award, etc.
  2. Not reverse engineering goals —not figuring out a way to achieve goals thus making them
  3. nothing more than pie in the sky ideals
  4. Doing too many things, saying yes to too many things

Number 3 is what I want to highlight today.

The Warren Buffet method, which you can read about here, is simple: List out top 25 goals for your career/life.

Do it, now, then come back.

Now take the top 5 on that list of the most important to you.

Now circle the other 20.

The list of 20 is your DO NOT DO AT ALL COSTS LIST.

So each day you wake up, you focus on the TOP 5 goals. That's it. Every bit of your work and focus should be towards those only.

You could even cut this down to one or two things.

Then use the following habits to work on these goals daily:

  1. A deep work routine
  2. Protecting the first few hours of your day and focusing
  3. Saying NO to anything not applicable to your top 5
  4. A schedule/time blocking

The Daily 6

Daily Quote:

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” -Bruce Lee

Daily tip or recommendation:

Habits are routines. Routines are habits. The more your habits become part of your routine, the less you think about them. You just do them. That is the productivity and time management nirvana: having your habits that make you better and move you towards your goals as part of your daily routine.

Daily book recommendation:

Awareness - I haven’t finished the book, but the first half I've read is great. This is something Tim Ferris has been recommending to a lot of people.

Daily health tip:

Simplify your routine.

Exercise: a few exercises, a few modalities, a simple weekly routine you stick to. Food: eat real food you cook at home (this will take care of 95% of your diet considerations).

Movement: take a daily walk.

Nature: get outside for that daily walk.

Sleep: get a sound machine and get in bed 9 hours before you have to wake—read for the first hour or so to unwind.

Relationships: schedule rituals like family dinner, board game night, date night. Then DO NOT SKIP.

Work: find work you care about, focus most of our energy there, say NO to all the noise around it.

That’s the template for an amazing life full of health and longevity.

Daily Cooking Tip:

Simplify your cooking: Get some Wild Pink Salt, a cast iron pan, some avocado oil or grass- fed ghee. Preheat pan. Place ingredient in pan. Turn after a few minutes. Turn again after a few minutes. Finish in oven until done or take right out of pan and serve. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Daily thoughts about money:

Simplify your money.

Have one card, one bank account, one savings account, one investment account, one “hidden” account for putting money away so you forget about it and don’t spend it.