What is a Moral Society?

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This virus made politicians drunk on power.

You especially see this at the local government level, where these usually ignored politicians are getting attention they've never had and flexing their newly acquired muscle.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

So they enact unconstitutional "mandates" in direct violation of the constitution because the masses let it happen. After all, it's for "safety," right?

Cept it's not.

In fact, the average death rate in America was over 7700 people a day in 2017. Yet, in 2020, the average death rate at the end of July was 7434 deaths. So, where are all those covid deaths?

People die every day, and it sucks (obviously).

What is better: a false sense of security (Masks/social distancing/sanitizing everything) with zero addressing of the underlying causes (health) or a focus on preventable measures that actually work like vitamin D, going outside, exercise, eating real food, reducing stress, and sleeping 8 hours a night.

Guess what, of those typical 7500+ Americans that die each year, the overwhelming majority of them die from lifestyle-related diseases. That means PREVENTABLE disease.

That gets no attention because solving these diseases requires personal responsibility and effort and cannot be purchased.

Americans have been conditioned by the corporatism and crony fear-mongering political system to not accept responsibility and instead blame it on someone else and to not put in the effort but to buy a solution.

Our society is brainwashed to seek what's easy by spending and going into debt. After all, that's far more profitable than saying: eat real food and get off your ass.

So Americans have been BREED to look for corporations to take care of them. It's Wall-E 1.0.

This is why most are programmed to cower in fear while eagerly waiting for a private corporation to create a vaccine so they can FINALLY feel safe. Then they can get back to their everyday routine of not exercising and eating position out of a box while sitting in front of a screen.

Is there not a better metaphor than the Matrix—a bunch of brainwashed humans fed a reality through a screen? It may as well be plugged into the back of their head.

And none of this is sensationalized or exaggerated, that's the scary part. It all happens in broad daylight. And most people don't even think about it because thinking creates cognitive dissonance—and burns calories—so they do what's easy and shame anyone willing to think differently.

This is not how America is supposed to work.

That's why 2020 is no longer America.

America is in a drunken state that I hope we wake up from before it's too late.

And make no mistake: it is the public's fault.

Lack of critical thinking and a willingness to give up liberty in exchange for a false sense of security.

Lockdown was supposed to last a couple of weeks, so was the mask mandates.

If you look at how easy it is for the media and Big Tech to manipulate the masses, you should be PETRIFIED for the future of America.

I predict this fear-mongering will only accelerate in the future. Maybe it will be another virus or some other hyped up existential threat. What the thing is doesn't matter when you realize that the "thing" is whatever the media decides it is.

And as new technologies are accelerated to take advantage of the trillions of dollars to be made, people will take it in with open arms.

Create the sickness and sell the cure.

As it goes with scientists, most scientific theory advances when the previous generation of scientists die off. This is known as "Planck's Principle," and it's a harrowing example of how hard it is to change the human mind.

It is going to be left up to the select few that will fight for freedom. We are at a turning point in which there are two ways to go: complete tyranny or a stronger republic with more protections of private citizen's rights.

If you think the president really matters, then you've bought into the smokescreen. The only thing that matters is what the public thinks because whatever the majority thinks is what dictates the way of life we get. (And that's why Socrates hated democracy.)