What is the best way to invest in gold?

There are a couple of ways to invest in gold.

These include remote vault storage and physical holding of your precious metals.

I' don’t believe buying gold ETFs is ever a good idea. It defeats the purpose of owning gold. So for today, we are covering gold you own yourself, which is always the best kind of gold to have.

Well, there are a couple of ways, which I'll provide below with their respective pros and cons. You then decide for yourself to take one of these or use them all.

The easiest way, not necessarily the best way, to invest in gold is through the app OneGold.

OneGold makes buying gold super simple. You can redeem old at any point (well after 60 days, which i learned the hard way).

You can also store your gold in vaults outside of the United States. I keep my gold in the swiss vault and my silver in the CA vault.

The storage fees are low compared to what else I've seen elsewhere.

Pros include:

  • Great prices
  • low storage fees
  • a super simple app on your phone
  • easy to buy and sell and redeem

Cons include:

  • Can't redeem the first 60 days of your account, so get verified immediately.
  • Is a US company, so if there ever was an emergency gold act, this company could suspend all trading or redemption per a government order and you would then be SOL. This is a low % event, but it already happened once in our history, so I'm more concerned about it than most.


I'm working on getting an account here. Their prices are a bit higher than OneGOld but still better than other providers I've looked at.

The biggest benefit to Goldmoney is it is not a US company but is instead based out of Malta.

So if there was a Gold act in the United States, it's unlikely there would be any reason why Goldmoney could distrust my personal metals. It's still possible since you never know what political leaders will do if pressured, but it has a greater level of protection than being a US company in my mind.

Apmex and other bullion dealers for physical metal

If you aren't planning on having tens of thousands of dollars, and even if you are, you should keep a stash of physical bullion on your person for a major rainy day or emergency situation.

My preferences for this would include something like this.

  • Roosevelt 90% dimes
  • 1oz recognized silver bars and/or coins (I don't like paying a premium for something like an Eagle, that's highly subjective and based on what you prefer. I much prefer getting silver as low over spot as possible.
  • Some 1/8 gold pieces
  • 1/2 gold pieces
  • A few 1oz coins - in the case of gold, I don't mind paying a bit more for a recognized coin since it's a more valuable weight. I want to make sure I have no issues with authenticity if i were to ever offload these.

For physical metals, I'd like to have around $10,000 in sizes that aren't too crazy to transport while also giving me small denominations flexibility (hence the rose lent dimes).

These are my preferred best ways to invest in gold. You can learn more about the various forms of gold to buy online with a little bit of research.