Who can you trust?

Negativity is a sickness of the mind.

So is the victim mentality.

So is the appeal to authority bias.

So is watching the mainstream media

So is delegating your own critical thinking to others.

It’s unfortunate that most people will never truly think for themselves and do their own critical analysis and self-reflection.

In an age where a small group of humans can control the information flowing to billions, you get misaligned incentives which lead to distortions of truth at the hands of consolidated power.

In a very simplified nutshell, this means you have to be a skeptic. You have to question everyone and everything that comes at you. You have to expend calories to think hard and deeply about every belief in your head. And you have to change your mind when the data is overwhelming.

And what you absolutely must not do is cling to what you think you know. Because that will leave you stuck and making big mistakes.

Think for yourself. Question everything.

Figure out what the incentives are for each source of information that’s trying to influence you. Do those incentives align with truth or with what’s better for an individual or a group with a certain agenda?

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game.”― Evita Ochel