Whoever controls the money controls you

"Whoever controls the money controls you."-Sharon Law Tucker

I know many people will read a quote like this and roll their eyes. After all, who will stop the US government, or any government printing up fiat dollars?

The answer is no single individual will, but millions of individuals can.

And the best thing millions of individuals can do is protect yourself WHILE making a difference in the right direction is moving some of those phony dollars into real money: gold and silver (and bitcoin for some of you).

When the world wakes up to the fact that the US government prints trillions of dollars and then gives it out to the world and says, "Here's something with value because we say so even though we make it out of thin air. Take it or leave it."

When this narrative breaks down—and it will—precious metals is what the world will return to for protection and a financial reset just like it has in history numerous times.

Look at what's going on in Turkey right now: citizens are fleeing to gold as their currency collapses due to hyperinflation.

Why do they have hyperinflation? Because all fiat currencies, as Voltaire said, eventually return to their intrinsic value: zero.

Here's how I buy gold and silver: Apmex.com and OneGold.com

Silver is my favorite, so I usually buy more of that than gold. As $26 an ounce, silver is insanely underpriced. So I've been stocking up in 2020.

The thing that's most concerning to me is the average person lives paycheck to paycheck and owns few assets or none at all. These people will be ruined when the dollar collapses. On the flip side, the government will be fine as it always is, and the rich will be even better off because their assets will skyrocket in value (real estate, businesses, gold, silver, bitcoin).

This is why I believe it my patriotic duty to show people how they can buy gold and silver and bitcoin.

Of course, this isn't investing advice; this is my personal opinion and what I've been doing. Whether it's for you or not should be based on doing your homework—and I hope you do.