Why Are We Letting Morons Strip-mine America?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ―Edmund Burke

Are you happy that small businesses have been forced to close because they were deemed "not essential" while HUGE corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco are raking in billions?

Not essential to whom exactly? It seems like a small business is pretty damn essential to the family that relies on it.

Are you happy that violent rioters are getting away with felonies left and right? They are looting, destroying, and may have died in these "demonstrations."

Are you happy that racial justice "warriors" are harassing people based on their skin color? (There is now a trend to harass senior citizens as well, video of which you can find all over YouTube. Yea, that's going to make the world a better place. #vomit)

Are you happy that the media has become a propaganda and agenda machine, cranking out fake news, biased reporting, and only covering "news" that supports an agenda?

Are you happy that kids are being forced to wear masks even though there is no evidence whatsoever they should nor that they are susceptible to the thing they are supposedly being protected from?

Are you happy that the US constitution, something millions of Americans have died to form and protect, is trampled on after a few weeks of media hysteria? Or the fact that it is still going on even though the numbers and science don't support it whatsoever?

Are you happy that more people are dying to suicide as a result of these stupid lockdowns than in cases related to the Boogey virus?

Are you happy that our country is inching towards civil war? (It is and most people have NO CLUE.)

Are you happy that 50% of Americans are overweight or obese, and one in three children?

If you aren't happy about any of this, then it's time you STOP LISTENING TO THE MORONS and "EXPERTS" on TV That are RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

The elite, the experts, the talking heads, the moronic athletes, and celebrities that know nothing about any of it yet feel the need to offer their uneducated and unsolicited opinion need to be criticized, condemned, and shamed until it stops.

Bad ideas need to be starved of oxygen. Bad ideas need to be beaten down to a bloody pulp.

Or you could keep trusting these people and watch as your way of life and health and money is stripped from you piece by piece until you have nothing left. (Money via the fiat dollars and the corrupt financial system. Anyone that thinks their social security will be there, or their 401k or pension will be there, is living in la la land.)

This is what's happening to America: it is being strip-mined by greedy psychopaths and clueless idiots with large platforms that contribute to this insanely destructive status quo.

The only way this ends is when enough people wake up and make it stop. There is nothing in between, unfortunately, and it's why I've been urging anyone that will listen to get their passport and to own gold and silver and BTC so they can leave Dodge the second it breaks for the worse.