Why Governments Fail: The Dangers of Human Power

People don't understand the danger of institutions run by humans.

Human nature does not change, and that is why every government in history has failed at one point or another. It's why tyrants are the rule rather than the exception. And it's why those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Institutions will always always always fall victim to the same things.

Few companies survive in the long run because the founders who made it successful cannot adapt to changing times and the trappings of success and power. So they usually crumble from the inside.

Government is the same. The government we have today is massive. It is not what the founding fathers had in mind. The constitution and bill of rights were intended to keep the government in check and as small as possible.

Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience in 1849 in response to slavery and the Mexican American war, two things he despised. He encouraged his fellow countrymen to fight back against the ever-encroaching "machine" of government. He knew that the machine would keep growing and that citizens were the only way to keep at bay.

Each new crisis we have in this country becomes an excuse to write more laws and give away more freedoms. That was over 150 years ago, and the machine of government has not stopped—75,000 new laws and regulations are passed each year. Each new "War On" is a smokescreen for the powerful to take more power through fear. And because freedoms are taken away a little bit at a time, people get used to it. As time goes on, it will get easier for this to happen. Just look at 2020.

Today, the NSA spies on citizens without a warrant or any due process. People shrug. After all, they enjoy their devices too much to care. Or they convince themselves it doesn't matter because they aren't "breaking the law." Just wait until you are prosecuted for future laws for something you did online years ago. It will happen. And that's only one practical reason why your right to privacy must be protected at all costs.

The government executes drone strikes based on vague data with victims receiving no due process of law. As long as someone somewhere calls someone a "terrorist," that human does not get the same right of innocence until proven guilty. How inhumane. And it is justified in the name of "safety." What malarkey.

Masks are back on as media and local governments are spreading fear around a "second wave." And overnight people fall in line without question because if they say it on TV, it must be right.

At this point, I believe the elites are testing just how far they can push people. A little bit at a time is right from the tyrant playbook. Then all at once. Just wait, it will come.

For as long as the masses let it happen, this will keep happening. Before 2020, I thought it was fine to let people do what they want. I figured it wouldn't affect me.

Now I realize how foolish that was and how short-sighted. Now my family's future is at risk because of the masses' inability to question, challenge, or at this point, think at all.

Hopefully, enough citizens will stand up to the nonsense. It's always at the hands of the few that sacrifice everything that moves society forward. Ironically, it's these individuals that are usually attacked and condemned by the very people they help. Such is life and human nature.

Hopefully, it's not too late.