Why The "New Normal” Is A Scam

"A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason."-J. P. Morgan

Who runs government?

Men and women.

Before 2020, the effects of what the government did was limited in the typical citizen's life. It seemed like there was a healthy dose of checks and balances. Most of us could go about our business and pursue our dreams without much interference.

Then 2020 happened, and everything changed.

Millions of small businesses were forced to close while big corporations stayed open, raking in billions upon billions in profit.

Draconian laws preventing the freedom to worship and the freedom to assemble were enforced by cowards in a police uniform. (Parks and temples in New York have been chained up to prevent people from getting in. I kid you not.)

Hospitals were supposed to be overwhelmed. They weren't and aren't. The death rate has been going down every day even while more tests have been performed AND EVEN while those tests are extremely fault and show false positives all the time. No media is reporting on this because that will remove the air from their propaganda balloon.

Epidemiologists, the same kind of "researchers" that gave us the obesity epidemic and Big Pharma and Big Food at the hands of their observational "research," cried BIG BAD WOLF.

These fools sit in a room and look at a bunch of data then interrupt that data in whatever way their bias leans. I kid you not; this is what they do. And most of the time, the research they look at is a joke and not vetted at all.

These fools try to apply mathematical models to nature, yet nature does not follow a nifty mathematical model. (Nassim Taleb, one of my favorite authors, calls BS on this in his book "Fooled by randomness.")

Now we are stuck in what the elite are calling "the new normal," which includes millions of people wearing masks and stepping to the side anytime another human walks by.

A new normal is based in fear, and the control of the masses is always rooted in fear.

The War on drugs, War on terrorism, now War on a bogey virus you can't see. What better form of mass control than convince people they should be afraid of their neighbors. This is exactly what the elite love: keep the public fighting amongst themselves so they ignore us, the true manipulators.

The government and the media BENEFIT from hyping everything. They are literally in the job of promoting fear because that is what gets them views, clicks, comments, and exposure, and thus, more power.

Something that happens every year, the seasonal flu, with 50-100 different coronavirus strains a year floating around the ether, was weaponized by certain individuals with certain agendas.

And it's still happening.

Just wait for the end of July when much of the government benefits expire.

We are going to hit a depression greater than the actual Great Depression. Millions will die... and this is the result of the reckless virtue-signaling absurdities at the hands of a few.

And the elite will keep being the elite. The FED will keep printing fake dollars and give it to their buddies (the FED is a private bank with shareholders, btw.)

Will the individuals responsible be punished? Of course not.

There is a reason that cops so often get away with abuse of power, even murder: because they are foot soldiers for those in power. The system protects its own because it's primary incentive is to maintain its power.

The "good reason" for all of this is the virtue-signaling reason—let's protect people, how could you not care, have compassion, it’s just a mask, it’s just a couple weeks.The real reason is more complex, nuanced, and ultimately based on the familiar refrain, "never let a good crisis go to waste."

The only way 300+ million humans can be controlled by a small handful is through mind control. No government can physically control that many people, especially when those citizens are armed, as many in the United States are.

The word "government" means mind control—It Splits into two words: 1) (guvernare) meaning "to control" and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning "mind". (Source: Pete Tsim)

America let’s this happen because most of the 300+ million citizens get their worldview from a manipulated sources. Human psychology is so easy to manipulate.

They did it in Mao's China, Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Nazi Germany. Marketers have been doing it for years since radio and TV, and print advertising took off.

This is why the current form of the internet—a consolidated and controlled and manipulated abomination—is the greatest threat to our species.

Our only defense is if enough individuals start voting with their dollars and with their attention. Stop giving power to platforms that censor. Stop stoking the algorithm for these politicians and celebrities. Stop letting bad ideas flourish without your own fact-checking.

(These Big Tech monopolies are now fact-checking as if they are the ultimate harbingers of truth. LOL.)

If more individuals don't fight back, there will be nothing left to fight for.

I wish I was exaggerating. I wish all of this was overblown. I wish it wasn't happening. And I'm sure every citizen in history beholder to tyrants wished the same thing.

One way or another, wishing and hoping is a death sentence.