Why the Word Success is Broken and How to Build An Extraordinary Life

We think success is being famous or having money or power. But is it really?

Let’s get down to the core drives for the human animal:

  • Autonomy - having control over how you spend each day
  • Purpose - spending your time contributing to something that matters outside of yourself
  • Self-actualization - being the best you can be, striving for betterment
  • Community - belonging to a group
  • Security

That’s pretty much it.

I don’t see any of these needing money or fame or success or 1,000,000 Tipton rollers to achieve.

In fact, I see the trappings of success opposing these natural human drives.

Look at any famous person or rich person or powerful person and more often than not you'll see a stressed-out individual.

Mo Money Mo Problems said the late Biggie Smalls.

I sense Biggie was someone pulled into the “rap game” begrudgingly.

I also think the same could be said of Tupac, his rival. For Tupac, I'm sure he struggled with his bad-boy gangster image and the poet/philosopher/artist that he was deep down inside. It just wasn't cool to be an artist in the hood during the 90s, especially if you were in the rap game.

Today I want to analyze the fundamental human drives and show how money, fame, and power can hinder their pursuit.

The Daily 6

Daily tip or recommendation:

Use mind maps to brainstorm.

Daily book recommendation:

Fiction - this isn’t a book, but a category recommendation. I know many Type A personalities that don’t read fiction. I always tell them they are missing out on one of the greatest self-development and success hacks there is. I bet I’ve learned more from reading fiction than non-fiction and I’ve read hundreds of non-fiction books over the years.

Daily health tip:

Daily reading practice before you go to bed. This is the perfect way to wind down and if you struggle to fall asleep, get into bed 1 hour before bedtime and read in low light, ideally orange glow, candlelight, or dimmable light.

Daily Cooking Tip:

Build a routine with your family around cooking and get the entire family involved.

Daily thoughts about money:

Be scrappy. With YouTube, things like the free section on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, you can probably repair 90% of the things you try to replace.

Pour over invoices. Challenge every charge. Always double-check receipts. The amount of overcharging that goes on is insane. I guesstimate it’s multiple billions a year in money that people lose by not paying attention to their bank accounts.