Why You Must Live Life on Purpose - Most People Live On Accident

How To Live Life On Purpose

When you do anything, do it on purpose.

Do it because you thought about it. Do it because you think it’s the right thing to do.

Do it on purpose.

Don’t do things on accident.

Doing things “on accident” is doing without consideration, without forethought.

When you do things on accident, you get shitty results.When you do things on accident, someone else is running your life.When you do things on accident, you waste time and your potential.

Figuring out how to do things on purpose is the most important thing you can figure out for life.

What about when you don’t want to do something but you have to?

That’s easy.

You figure out if it’s part of the bigger parts of your life that are on purpose. If it’s apart of living a life on purpose, like a job that pays the bills, then you should want to do this thing. So do it on purpose. Choose to do it fully and completely.

Simply put, all decisions in life come down to this simple choice:

  1. Can I connect this thing to my larger on purpose life?
  2. If not, I have only one choice: don’t do it… I can’t do it.

A life on purpose has no in-between. There is no compromise (what a stupid word, btw).

There is only connecting the dots so you can realize whether it’s part of your plan or not.

If it’s not, then you have your answer.

A life on purpose makes things simple: I decide this is good for me, so I do it on purpose. Now it’s my idea. I’ve committed. No half-assed nonsense. Just do it and get it done.

A life on purpose makes things simple: I can’t reconcile this thing with my life on purpose and so I have only one choice: saying no.

You are the master of our destiny. It’s up to you to device one way or the other. So do it.

Stop dipping your toe half in. Jump in fully or don’t go in at all.

A life on purpose is all or nothing.

You must decide. The way to build a life on purpose is to DECIDE.

Think about your effort when you do things you don’t really want to do. What a waste.

Don’t half-ass anything. Don’t say yes when it’s actually a no.

Don’t say maybe… ever.

Do or do not. That is the only choice. Everything in between is toxic energy.

When you do things on purpose, your life will be more fulfilling because it is centered around your choice.

I’m sure you already understand how much deciding for yourself matters. It matters for all humans. Having autonomy over our lives is a fundamental human drive.

We must decide for ourselves.

If you have responsibilities with your job and family, you do what must be done because of the bigger picture. Thus the things you don’t really want to do become your choice, and so you do them on purpose. Then you realize you actually do want to do these things.

This really is black or white.

If you build a life of principles, on purpose, you will become a completely different person, a better one.

When things come up that you cannot do because they go against your principles, you say NO. It’s easy. It’s who you are. You can’t. Simple as that.

What’s great about living on purpose is the more you make decisions on purpose the better you get at it. So when the inevitable situations come up where you need to draw a line in the sand, it’ll feel easy because it will feel right—it will be on purpose.

What will surprise you about doing things on purpose is how often you’ll end up getting a better outcome than you would have thought.

People respect those with principles, even if it inconveniences them. The key is to not blame or shame, just plainly state that you can’t or won’t. Explain why if you have to, calmly, but iterate you are decided.

Stick to your principles on purpose.

You can live a life of purpose by doing things on purpose.

If you do things on accident, your life will be like a leaf blowing in the wind—no idea where you‘re going and fuzzy memory of where you‘ve been.

Daily tip or recommendation: Follow-up. There is a no better tip I can give for those trying to make things happen then a repeatable, trackable followup process. Use boomerang for Gmail, asana or other GTD productivity software with built-in recurring reminders.

If you want to get things done, and if getting those things done requires the cooperation of other people, you must followup. You must, in many cases, do people’s jobs for them. Accept it as par for the course and build the follow-up habit into who you are.

Daily book recommendation: The Hobbit - This is one of the first books I read. I’ve already read the entire LOTR series. Love it.

Daily health tip: Take more walks. If you can take a walk outside with your shirt off or in a tank top to get sun exposure, you are getting exercise and vitamin D. Sometimes as simple as walking outside each day could drastically improve the health of millions of people. We need it more than ever.

Daily Cooking Tip: Buy a 8 inch cast iron pan and a 10 inch. These are my go-to pans I use every single day. To clean them, right after cooking, take the hot pan and pour in water. Let it sizzle for a bit then use a fish turner or scraper to scrape out the

Daily thoughts about money: Don’t lend money to friends or family. It’s a surefire way to ruin relationships. The bad feelings you get from this can last for years. You feel like you are helping someone out, but after they get the money and it comes around to getting paid back, their attitude completely changes. It will happen to you. Do not do it. Those you lend to will resent you even though you did the thing for them out of the goodness of your heart in the first place. DO NOT DO IT.