Why You Should Buy Gold Right Now

PS: I dont recommend you buy Gold anymore. Buy Bitcoin instead.

What is the other way you, the US citizen, is taxed in broad daylight yet the politicians don’t call it such?

Printing money.

When the FED prints 7 trillion dollars in the blink of an eye, like it just did, every dollar you hold and the paycheck you get is now worth less money.

Economists will debate and try to look at short-term ups or downs to say things like “we actually have deflation.”

In the short term, many things can happen.

In the long run, only one thing can happen: the dollar will collapse, and the bankrupt government will have to answer for its lack of fiscal responsibility.

This is why every US citizen should be buying gold right now. (Bitcoin as well, but that’s a topic for another day.)

I use OneGold because it’s super easy and best price I’ve found. This isn’t sponsored in any way. I believe America is in for some rude awakenings in the upcoming months and years, and I hope I can encourage more people to save and hold some of their wealth in gold so that they can weather the storm.

This is not investing advice. Gold isn’t an investment anyway, it’s a way to preserve your capital.

When the dollar invariably fails, governments will have to go back to the gold standard. They will try to resist this at all costs.

In either case, the original money, gold, is what you must have for security against the fiat dollar system we have that will not last.