Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox

Why would you want to take a media detox?

Because your mind needs a break to function properly. Because you are probably addicted to your device and to media in general

Why: we all need it. The internet and media are warping our minds.

How to do it: Don’t consume any media for 7 days. Nothing.

How to do it 1a: If you are posting, post. Then don’t read any comments, notifications or feeds for 7 days. Don’t scroll feeds or read headlines.

The media is not reality.

When we consume it daily, it becomes our reality. WE thin the world is a more dangerous, brutal, broken, and racist world than it is.

I’ve fallen into this trap myself lately, which is why I’m going on a week detox. What am I going to do with the extra time?

I’ going to catch up on my reading list (books) and listen to some podcasts not covering current events. (I just finished Atlas Shrugged. OMG how prophetic.)

I’m going to spend more time thinking, walking, meditating. I’m going to spend time with friends, though I have to be careful with the possibility of conversations slipping into current events as they are wont to do.

I’ll be posting a daily update to track the 7-day detox. Ideally, you won’t see it because you’ll have left your feeds like me ;)

I won’t see comments during this time, so I’ll respond when I get back.

Join me.