Why Your Belief System Must Be Challenged To Evolve

The world today has become an act.

It's a fake. It's about pandering to the comments, to what people may or may not say.

It's about responding to the algorithm, and no matter what side your own, they are all playing to this manipulation because that's what gets views and clicks.

  • Negative is a sickness. An addiction.
  • Blame is a sickness and addiction
  • Victim mentality is sickness and addiction.

What we need for positive change is tolerance, self-awareness, and the removal of emotion and projection and bias.

To rise out of dogma, you must focus on being inclusive rather than exclusive. Only then will you be apart of the solution.


  • Focus on first principles.
  • Ask yourself hard questions.
  • Stop hurling accusations and judgments about other people.

Individuals do things, not groups, not people, not races, single individuals. A group is a collection of individuals.

This is why change happens only at the individual level.

When enough self-aware humans start taking responsibility for their lives, the world can begin to move forward.

This is the salve our world needs, our humanity needs, to rise up out of our tribalism and dogma and violence and dehumanizing of our fellow humans through the lens of their different  race, creed, sex, religion or color.