You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

We have a unique form of censorship unfolding today thanks to the technology in your pocket.

There are a handful of techniques used by the media and Big Tech to suppress contrary-to-the-narrative information.

Here are a few:

  • Outright banning or removal of content YouTube is a pro at this. Google suppresses and manipulates search, IG hiding content, twitter does it all, and is a rotten disservice to humanity.
  • Shadowbanning - content isn't shown to followers (or reach is severely limited), and no notification given to the content creator.
  • Discrediting - using words like "conspiracy theories" - the media loves this one. So they write short articles labeling individuals or ideas as "conspiracies theorists" without any objective data, or any data whatsoever usually, and then Google picks these up so that the first 3-5 pages of search results become these one-sided smear campaigns.
  • Fake news - this is another form of discrediting in a convenient little buzzword that is rarely, if ever, supported by any data.
  • Calling people names and threatening their livelihoods - SJWs and the Twitter mob of loser trolls love this one: call someone a racist then put pressure on the individual's employer to fire them for being "racist" or "sexist" or whatever "ist" they come manifest out of thin air. And as it goes with all of these tactics, this is rarely backed up by any objective proof or reason.

One guy was fired for sharing a research paper written by a black man about how protests and riots end up reducing voter turnout in black Americans. The researcher that shared the work was shamed, called a racist, and fired by his company. Yes, this is the absurd world we are coming to.

  • Banning movies: Gone With The Wind was recently banned and is currently unavailable on many online platforms. Sadly enough, this movie featured the first black woman to win an Oscar. Complete lunacy.

Censorship is not a new thing. Socrates was forced to drink poison in 399 BC for the crime of "corrupting the youth"—he asked too many questions.

China censors information all day every day. Google built a "censored" version of Google just for them even though they said they wouldn't for years. Hypocrisy. Fortunately, it was shut down as a result of internal protests.

Twitter deletes information all the time while being a cease pool of bad ideas, intolerance, and SJW trolling. (I hope Twitter dies... it will make American life 100x better.)

Facebook censors, but it seems like they are taking a stand to not fact-check as a general rule. That's good. The market should decide not Big Tech, and definitely not the woke 20 somethings that end up doing a lot of the censoring and "fact-checking."

Google has been manipulating search results for a long time now. I used to be a fan of Google. Not anymore: they've gotten too big and too absurd for their own good.  DuckDuckGo is a private search engine. And Protonmail is a free private email.

This may seem outside of your control, but you have more power than you know.

When you use these platforms, you can control your behavior. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Dislike every piece of content put out by mass media. Leave comments calling out the hypocrisy. Better yet, don't click or view the content at all.
  • Use private tech: Brave browser, DuckDuckGo, protonmail
  • Use private browsers as often as possible.
  • Consider using a VPN
  • Support independent sources of information and share their message.
  • Fight back ANY narrative promulgated by the media -Because the media doesn't care about the truth. They are controlled and promote their agenda.
  • Learn about crypto, own some.
  • Buy some gold.
  • Support small local businesses.
  • Transact in person outside of the banking system anytime you can.

There is a more insidious form of censorship going on right now that is more dangerous than all of the above combined.

It is the shaming and attacking of individuals that challenge the narratives. When you could get fired for sharing a link to a research paper, more and more people will start opting out of the discussion altogether.

This is especially dangerous because it will lead to a more fragile and fractured society with one side vs. the other. The bad ideas, the dogma, and the hypocrisy will go unchecked. And we already know that most politicians and celebrities cower to the online mobs, what kind of world and policies will birth from this absurdity?

It will become Orwell's 1984 and only a matter of time before thoughtcrimes become a thing.

That's not the society I will live in. I will leave as well as many others. And that's why I'm fighting back because millions of good people will suffer from this nonsense.