Your Life Will Be A Series of Choices... Choose Wisely

I just read this piece on medium.

Here is an interesting idea I’ve summarized from that article:

The closer a decision is, the less it matters which you choose. The thing is, we tend to agonize over these decisions because they feel more important when the reality is, they aren't because the differences are minor.

This concept is fascinating to dig into and think about, but that’s not what I want to highlight today.

I’m more interested in the act of decision-making and decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue theory is this:

The more decisions you have to make each day, the less energy you have leftover. So as you make more decisions throughout your day, the less energy you will have for making decisions later. Your decisions then become worse as the day goes on.

I can't help but think of my daily routine.

One of the benefits of being isolated during this time is the limiting of options.

This has allowed me to focus on my work as well as the routine around my work. I've never been more productive in my life.

It's not the output that has me excited, but the building of the routines around this output that I will stick with once this all clears up.

That's the game-changer.

Before, when I had limitless options of how to spend my time, there was more mental energy sapped from the many decisions I made on a daily basis.

This is a paramount concept; the removal of choice.

The removal of choice is a world killer. It’s the Death Star. It’s the ultimate weapon for figuring out everything.

Figure out who you are. Go inward. Make decisions about how you want to live. Plan. Visualize. And otherwise, focus your energy on a few important things.

All struggles uncover opportunities. Iron sharpens iron.

So I'm taking this time to build the best routines I can so that when the choice comes back, I'll be better prepared at mastering it.

Figuring out ways to reduce choices in your life gives you room to make better decisions and align your focus on the things that matter.

Options require choice and choice requires energy. This is how infinite options sap our resources without us having any say in the matter.

I think this is why minimalism has become such a thing lately; as a response to the infinite choices we have. As a means to simplify, to remove the clutter.

And that's great.

Most people aren't good at directing their attention and behavior. They get swept up in the whirlwind of distraction and optionality our world provides.

We need to live lives of purpose on purpose, and that starts and ends with controlling our options.

Limit your options... then watch as the things you really care about taking center stage. Your life will be better because of it.

Daily tip or recommendation: Actively simplify, reduce and get down to the essentials in life. The concepts to explore here are 80/20 and essentialism.

Daily book recommendation: Essentialism

Daily health tip: Eat more protein. If you want to lose weight, protein is your friend. It is satiating as well as the most metabolically expensive to digest food there is. Eat more protein, eat low carb, zero sugar, and fill in the rest with quality fatty acids from animal sources and you’ll reach your every health goal.

Daily Cooking Tip: Buy an air fryer. I’ve only just begun to experience the benefits of this thing. Put it in, turn it on, go. Simple, easy to clean, amazing.

Daily thoughts about money: Think long term. Save as much money as you can and put it into companies you believe in that will be here for years. Here are some stocks I own. This is not investment advice it is just my opinion on financial opportunities today.