2020 and Beyond

2020 and Beyond

22% of fitness businesses closed in 2020, with 1.5m workers losing a job.

Amazon got richer. Walmart did too.

And a bunch of other mega-corporations deemed “essential.”

All while small businesses were destroyed.

I'm glad I wasn’t affected that way since I’m afraid of what I’d have done in response, though it still boils my blood. It is fascism—it's the government picking winners and losers. It is the antithesis of everything America was founded on. And the propaganda machine that is the MSM justified it all in the name of "safety" for something that we know is less lethal than any other typical coronavirus bouncing around in nature each year (there are thousands, btw).

The way this will go will over the next few years will go exactly like this:

There will be many lawsuits and many judgments awarding those challenging the entire narrative of 2020. Of course, we know the mainstream media will ignore and downplay these proceedings.

The same goes for all the new research that will come out in the coming years that won't prop up their flimsy narrative.

And the masses that wore their masks to feel “safe” and took an unproven gene therapy will use their best confirmation bias to ignore any information that comes out to conflict with their beliefs.

No attention will be given to the previously-called “conspiracy theorists” that will become more right with each passing day.

All of it will be ignored and downplayed.

Given enough time, people will convince themselves they always "saw through it" and that they "never trusted the media."

Their memory will convince them that they were on the right side.

The mainstream media is owned and controlled by the powerful elite in bed with the government and are working together to keep the masses as docile sheep reliant on their propaganda, fake food, and the medical cartel called “healthcare." This is all propped up by misinformation, which is nothing but marketing for these trillion-dollar institutions.

I sincerely hope I could poke that dissonance button in your subconscious because that means i"ve given you something to think about.

If I did, I encourage you to resist lashing out to defend your primal desire to maintain your worldview. That is your natural biology to succumb to groupthink and keep your belief system intact because it is a survival mechanism from hundreds of thousands of years of living in small tribes. In the small hunter-gatherer context, you had to think like your group. If you didn’t, you’d be killed, kicked out, or lose access to mates, which would kill any chance at reproduction—all genuine threats to your life. This is why the world is so crazy—human bias, mismatched incentives, moral hazard, and the profit motive that profits a small group.

The only way to master your biology is to understand it.

And the only way to master your life and take sovereignty into your own hands is to understand the game you're playing. When you see the game and the board and the spaces you’re on, you can step off the board, but not a second before.

That is what Better Human is about—stepping off the board, opting-out, and creating prosperity, awareness, self-reliance for yourself and your family, and, over time, your community.

If you aren’t ready for any of that, I understand. It took me years to get to a place where I had the awareness and openness to even think like this. I didn’t even know what democracy was until I started looking into it a couple of years ago.

Before I let you go, here are a few things for your subconscious to chew on:

Democracy is immoral and always leads to collapse.

All government is coercion through violence (or the threat of violence).

The free market is the only thing that brings prosperity to humanity. The government takes credit but is just a parasite that siphons value from productive individuals operating in the free market and creating value for others.

Vaccines are dangerous. Period. Full stop. I couldn't have said this a couple of months ago, but I finally dove in and started doing the research. The only thing you need to understand vaccines and view them as dangerous and evil and nothing but a profit machine for Big Pharma is the ability to READ. And 99% of medical professionals are incentivized not to question vaccines or do any reading on them whatsoever because it has become so ingrained in the medical cartel that challenging them is a threat to your career. (The dangerous diseases that vaccines supposedly “eradicated” had already fallen by as much as 90% (like in the case of Polio) before vaccines were even introduced. This was due to basic sanitation.) A great book to get you started on the topic is Dissolving Illusions.

Every law ever created was written by someone else. The idea that it should apply to you in any way or is moral or just or right, is nothing but a belief.

The United States has been at war 93% of the time since the Declaration of Independence.

The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan on civilian targets. Eighty thousand men, women, and children, civilians, died in an instant. This war crime goes ignored and unpunished because the US was the victor and is now the reigning superpower. Your tax dollars support the constant rape and pillage of your fellow humans around the world. And it’s always about power and control and resources and never about freedom or ending tyranny. To understand this, look at how many dictators we’ve put into power and supported over the years. Dictators we control are OK, but if they try to do their own thing, like selling their oil for Euros or a different currency, we kill them (Saddam, Gaddafi, and.)

I could go on and on.

The system is rotten to its core.

Many of those inside the system become rotten as a result.

They probably set out to do good, and not all of them are sociopaths, but as Lord Acton said,“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

No human can get a taste of power and not do everything in their power to get more of it and protect it at all costs. And the power of the human mind to selectively believe what it wants to believe is why everyone thinks they are the good guy. Hilter was the good guy in his story, he was restoring Germany to its former glory, and he believed the Jews were a threat to that aim. So on and so forth.

What this means for you is simple: understand, then decide what you’ll do with that understanding.

Maybe you’ll opt-out of their corrupt baking and fiat with Bitcoin.

Maybe you’ll stop buying their fake foods and buy from local farmers.

Maybe you’ll look for some land and go off-grid.

Maybe you’ll move somewhere else.

So on and so forth.

For us, we are doing all of this. Our goal is to remove ourselves from the system as possible to opt-out altogether.

Then we will interact with it only on our terms and only if it benefits us.

The future is decentralized. It is the collapsing of the highly consolidated power structures back into a smaller, more decentralized way of life. Everything from food, information, work, and money is returning to a more natural state. And that’s great because that will mitigate so much of what is wrong in the world with centralization.

This decentralizing will bring the free market to smaller city-states and remove the profit from violence and control that defined the last 200 years of imperialism.

When the masses can opt-out of the state by controlling their financial sovereignty (Bitcoin) and their earning sovereignty (remote work), they put jurisdictional pressure on governments to behave if they want to keep citizens and tax revenues. It’s as simple as that. It is the Sovereign Individual Thesis playing out.

Bitcoin is going to be the base layer for this bloodless revolution, and it’s already happening.

And the only reason it’s happening still is they can't do anything about it.

If they could shut it down, they’d have already.

I hope you stuck around through all that.