Freedom is a choice

Freedom is a choice

Politics is a waste of time.

It's also wrong.

It's the control of others by the few.

It's coercion.

It's not natural

And given enough time, it will destroy itself with its own rope.

But let's say you want to speed it up to get to a freer world faster.

How would you go about doing that?

You opt-out.

You practice profitable civil disobedience and engage in counter-economics (see Agorism by Samuel Konkin.

By operating outside the system, you starve the system. You also grow the counter-economy, which is the only thing that can ever change the world.

The free market is the only thing that brings prosperity to all.

Politicians and governments try to claim credit, but they are the parasites that leech off the productive work of the free market and the entrepreneurs and consumers that work together willingly to produce abundance for all.

Governments siphon off value and then waste it while providing little benefit to those it is "representing" or "protecting."

I've felt it, but I couldn't identify it.

I've felt my whole life that something was wrong.

I've resisted outside control, influence, and propaganda.

"Do this!"

"Do that!"


Because I said so!

Because that's the law!

Because those are the rules!!!

What's wrong with you?

Fall in line!

It started in middle school when I clashed with teachers.

Towards the end of high school, my teachers and I had reached a place of indifference, staying out of each other's way.

Miraculously, this freedom within the system allowed me to accidentally declare my independence from the system, though I had no idea or plan for what was happening.

It went like this:

I received a book from my mom's friend called River God.

She said, "You should read this; I think you'll like it."

I can still visualize her handing the book to me, and I'm turning it sideways to look at how thick it is... it's thick.

Something sparked inside as I looked at the side and back to the cover. Maybe it was a challenge or a curiosity, probably both.

I took the book to school.

Since it was senior year, and you didn't have to do much anyway, I started reading the book in class. My teachers probably figured it was better than sleeping or disrupting class. So they didn't say much.

So I read.

And I read.

And I finished that 800-page novel about Ancient Egypt.

It had all the great tropes of humanity—power, conflict, tyranny, death, rape, sex, love, loss.

I was hooked.

I read the rest of the author's books over the next few years.

And I've read hundreds of others since then.

It was a pivotal fork in my path.

Had I not gone this way, led by words inside a binding, who knows where I'd be right now—or if I'd be.

College for lack of a better option

I left college soon after—who was I kidding?

College? Ya right.

Then I found poker. Then entrepreneurship. Then small businesses. Then fitness. Then Nutrition. Then eCommerce. The first principles of thinking. Then Bitcoin. Then Free Markets and libertarianism. And finally, agorism and counter-economics seem like the final piece of the puzzle of what is right, true, and just in this world.

And every step of the way, I've pursued something in my life that represented those ideals and helped manifest them for others.

Now I'm on to my greatest endeavor—Decentralized Communities built upon these ideals.

There is no reason to support corrupt systems that promote inequality, death, war, and collectivist ideas that lead to more of it all.

You can opt-out right now.

Use Bitcoin instead of their corrupt, constantly bailed-out banks.

Use privacy tools, apps, and strategies to prevent Big Tech from monetizing your data and Big Nanny Government from knowing everything about you so they can use it against you anytime they wish.

Engage in commerce outside the system—black and gray markets. You already do this anytime you pay for anything in cash. Or when you buy pot "illegally," because you long ago recognized how completely and utterly absurd and morally wrong, it is for a government to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body.

The ultimate opting out is returning to nature and living completely off-grid, which is the focus of Sovereign I and our Sovereign Humans project.

You enjoy your modern comforts, as do I.

So I'm not suggesting you have to camp in the woods or live in an RV.

We want you to live in as much luxury as you wish, just outside the system.

Sovereign power, water, food, buildings, commerce, and every other possible need you need.

The Amish have been doing this for a long time.

There are hundreds of small eco-living, off-grid communities worldwide, though I'm not interested in their model.

Generally, these are created by idealist individuals who believe in simplicity and often in a plant-based diet.

That's their choice, but it doesn't feel robust enough to bring in modern humans addicted to their devices and the comforts of urban life.

To create new communities that appeal to a large swath of the population, you have to make it so much better than what they currently have that it becomes almost painful, not at least to explore the option.

That's what we intend to do.

Create a year-round "summer camp" for adults and children and families that's so all-inclusive that people won't want to leave.

It will be a bridge from their life to another.

And maybe they create a routine around it that balances both worlds. And they will eventually spend more time here than "home" until it becomes home.

As the community grows, as more families decide to live full time, and as more weekend warriors show up, everyone benefits, and the enticement gets stronger and stronger.

When Sovereign I reaches a limit on its growth, we will start Sovereign II somewhere else with the same goal—siphon off urbanites to our community until we reach capacity.

Then again and again and again until we have a network of communities supporting millions around the country and the world.

This is how we decentralize humanity. It will bring humans out of cities and help those in cities understand the risks so they too can become healthier, stronger, and more awake humans.

One individual at a time is the only way to erode the power of the state and its ever-growing surveillance apparatus.

You cannot change the system from within it, from the top-down approach. All you get with that is more of the same.

Either the system collapses upon itself, or it's overthrown from the outside—usually some combination of both.

We also don't believe war is worth the cost when peaceful ways are to change the world.

Freedom is never granted. It is demanded, taken. And it is only done so one individual at a time.

That is our hope and focus—to create freedom-demanding sovereign humans that could give two shits about vaccine passports or ESG narratives meant to attack animal agriculture or any of the other ridiculousness coming from the political circus.

We'll carry on doing our thing and thriving one better human at a time.