Nature Knows Best: How Human Ego Ruins Nature and Health

"What Mother Nature does is rigorous until proven otherwise; what humans and science do is flawed until proven otherwise."-Nassim Taleb, Antifragile

Show me a single instance in which human intervention has resulted in a better outcome for nature?

The environmentalists are well aware of the dangers of human interference in nature. Simply put, we do not make things better; we make things worse. And sometimes we might improve one thing while triggering another, whack a mole style.

The 2020 virus is no different.

All the measures recommended by "experts" are based on incomplete data, and in some cases, a complete lack of data—like mask-wearing and social distancing, two things not proven to work (there is zero research for the latter and a few studies done for the former that cannot prove masks work).

Yet, what have we done in response?

Ban freedom of religion and freedom to assemble (Germany did this soon after Hitler was appointed chancellor)

Impose measures completely violating private citizen's rights.

Herd men, women, and children inside for their "safety" while neglecting the many side effects like increased obesity, reducing vitamin D production, reduced physical activity, and completely removing social connection (all things imperative to human health).

Suicides are at record highs. So is child abuse and domestic violence.

For every 1% uptick in unemployment, tens of thousands die (this was already well understood)

Farms are being shut down in the name of "safety." So I guess we can starve to death as long as we don't catch a bogey virus that 99.99% of people recover from?

The average citizen gets their information from the media. The media, medical, and political institutions are incentivized (they literally make money) to perpetuate the fear.

And the elite at the very top loves it. They get a license to print more fake money and give it to their buddies.

The FED is a private bank with private shareholders that makes money—something most people don't know. Every time they print dollars, they profit and funnel that money much of that money into private hands, then those private groups and individuals use those dollars to gobble up real assets using the fake money: gold, real estate, bitcoin, businesses.

Why have governments been buying gold for years now while issuing their paper dollars? Maybe they know something?

All of this is a vacuum cleaner, sucking wealth out of society. And who pays? The average citizen.

Every. Single. Time. Throughout. History. Citizens. Pay. The. Price.

The FED is a liberal ponzu scheme in broad daylight. Yet, it's only someone like Madoff that makes headlines—every Madoff, or Wayfair or Epstein are just lambs sacrificed at the altar of public attention designed to divert attention away from the real criminals: those that control the money supply and government.

It's all connected. It's complex. And many people stuck inside these systems think they are doing right. Many want to do right, yet many are stuck in broken systems with ass-backward incentive structures.

As Upton Sinclair said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

Hospitals get paid to write a five-letter word on a piece of paper in response to every sniffle or cough.

Those numbers then get reported to government and media, who gobble them up because it increases their personal exposure to the public—the more exposure, the more ad dollars and political gain they acquire.

"Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcome."-Charlie Munger

If you trust anything you hear or see from the media or bureaucrats, you are contributing to the problem.

Turn off the news.

Read the source material.

Dive deeper.

If you want truth, you have to GO GET IT.

Truth will never come to you.

What you hear and see is always a manipulated and manufactured narrative.