Opt out

Online personalities find a "niche" and then go on to produce more and more content that gets them likes and clicks.

It's the polarizing nature of social media.

I've always resisted this because I believe life is myriad, complex, and nuanced. I don't like an algorithm pigeonholing me into a specific topic or idea and then bringing out the most extreme version of it.

This is why I left TikTok: the videos with the most views were about politics and were skewed negatively. So I stopped making them.

It's tough to go viral with positive content. I don't have the time or desire to do that, so I'm now mostly off social media other than posting random thoughts that come to mind on Twitter.

That said, the state, the media, and just about everything defining the "normal" status quo is entirely and utterly BROKEN. Climate change. Nutrition. Academia. Sickcare. The food system. Wall street. Voting. Democracy. All are entirely corrupt and parasitic.

It's all due for a reset.

That reset is coming. The question is whether it will be gradual or all at once. No one knows.

I think it will be gradual… or at least I hope so we can avoid the upheaval that comes with any societal transformation.

The post below exemplifies how completely captured the mainstream is… and this is true of EVERYTHING MAINSTREAM.

My mission with The Better Human is to create a modern framework that individuals can use to opt out of the broken status quo and rebuild a new way of life from the ground up. I've already started the framework here. It's barely the first draft, so there is more to come.

The single most important place you can start if you are interested in taking control of your mind and body is to do just that—take back control!

Analyze every habit, routine, or accepted way you do things. You will see that most of these concepts and beliefs were planted in your mind by someone else. And what's even crazier is you've made HUGE Life decisions along the way without ever taking the time to analyze any of them.

Accept nothing from others without first considering it yourself.

Then start the unlearning and replacing process integral to taking control of your body, mind, money, relationships, and life.