Our Country is Addicted to Cheap, Convenient Food, and It's Killing Us

Our country is addicted to cheap, fast, convenient food.

And that’s exactly why heart disease is the number one killer and cancer is number two.

The truth is, food is the primary reason people are sick.

But it's not about calories or lack of exercise, as the pundits have tried to suggest for years now.

It's about fake food, toxic food, and the human body's inability to handle it.

Don’t let the “eat less, exercise more” dogma trick you. No human can under-eat or out-exercise the highly-palatable, corporate made food at the center of the Standard American Diet.

Pundits try to blame the individual. If you're fat, it's your fault, they say.

These "experts" then cite weak epidemiological research and make absurd food recommendations like eat low-fat, high-carb, and plant-based foods.

These recommendations are what people have been following for over 40 years, yet obesity, diabetes and just about all modern Western disease has increased during this time.

Many doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians also parrot this bad information.

Watch their red meat consumption, they say. So people eat low-quality, processed food alternatives, and as a result, they get fatter and sicker each yea.r

The reality is, individuals should be eating more red meat (the quality kind) while cutting out the so-called "better" plant-based foods.

The most prevalent understanding of nutrition in this country is completely wrong.

How did this become so?

Bad science, bad policy and billions of dollars.

But that’s a story for another day.

If you are one of these poor souls that have been duped by the establishment, then I implore you to forget everything you’ve ever heard and start from scratch.

After that, go to YouTube and your favorite podcast app and start looking for alternative ideas about human health and nutrition.

Look into evolutionary biology and anthropology. Read into research on hunter-gatherers. Use this information to find ques about how to eat based on nature. Pull on any thread that interests you.

Now, this is where I should put a disclaimer about consulting your doctor if making changes to your diet. And if you are on medication, you should do that. If you aren’t, you could tell your doctor what you’re going to do rather than ask for permission. End disclaimer.

I’ll leave you with another life-changing thing you can start doing today: cook your food.

Buy raw, real ingredients—ones without an ingredient list—like steak, chicken, wild-caught seafood, and whole vegetables.

Then get a pan and preheat it.

Grab a quality rock or sea salt (my fav here).

Next, place your dry ingredient in that pan with some ghee, tallow or avocado oil.

After a few minutes, depending on the ingredient, flip it. You should see some nice color—this is caramelization or the myriad reaction for meat.

Remember this most fundamental law for cooking tasty food: color = flavor. (Not black, but brown, golden color.)

Then flip your ingredient until you have color all over.

Use an oven if it takes a bit longer to get your ingredients cooked to perfection.

Taste then add more salt if needed.

Eat and enjoy.

Finally, make what you did the foundation of your diet rather than letting corporations cook your food

Do this and you'll solve most, if not all, of your health problems over time.

And you'll have the best foundation for living a long, healthy and prosperous life.