Prepare: Why Every American Needs A Plan B

Prepare: Why Every American Needs A Plan B

Imagine they announce a new COVID virus in 2021.

Now consider how governments are likely to respond.

The way I see it, there's no future in which governments will not overreact.

This means there will be even more suppression of American freedoms and rights than in 2020. This will probably lead to new legislation, further eroding away constitutional rights in the name of "safety."

I think there will be a canceling of passports and other travel restrictions. Executive powers will probably be activated, making it so governments and/or the president can tell us to do whatever they want.

2020 is why I started writing and thinking about these topics. It's why I've been forced to create my Plan B. I'd much rather work on my business and make money.

Instead, I've had to do things like expediting my passport for my entire family; buy gold and silver and more bitcoin than I would have; buy more guns and ammo than I would have; buy 5lb bags of rice that I will never eat.

Everyone needs a plan B. You.

How robust your plan B will depend on your life situation. My advice is to always make it as robust as it can be, then a bit more.

Having a Plan B is not just for rich people, and it doesn't require becoming Jason Bourne.

Most of a legit Plan B can be achieved by anyone. It mostly requires planning. And yes, if you have more cash for converting into gold, silver or Bitcoin, you'll be better off, but not having those extra finances won't keep you from fulfilling a plan B.

Why you need a Plan B

Every government can fail or be taken over. No one is safe living inside a single country. So the key to an effective Plan B is mobility.

Simply put, you leave if needed and go somewhere else.

If you look to history, you'll see most governments fail. Most of them.

There have been 57 cases of government-backed currencies failing in history. We already know that a fiat dollar system will eventually fail; it's only a matter of time.

Who foots the bill when this happens? The citizens pay. The poor and middle class always take the brunt while the rich and elite end up doing better by gobbling up cheap assets during the crises.

As I write this, much of my perspective is the American perspective, but many of the same things that are happening in America are happening elsewhere. It's because our entire world economy is based on fake dollars and mountains of unsustainable debt.

All this nonsense happens in broad daylight. The elite doesn't even try to hide it anymore. They know they can go on the news and use fancy words like "quantities easing" and other nonsensical terms to dupe the public into thinking these morons care about their fellow citizens.

And this is just the money side of things. What about the government?

Censorship, selective prosecution of individuals, violation of citizen's rights in plain sight, all while using taxpayer dollars to fight unjust wars and imperialistically dominate other nations (Hello, Uncle Sam.)

And what's crazy about it is none of this falls under "conspiracy theory." These things have been going on in broad daylight for YEARS. None of this is new stuff. These things are well understood.

The average person, feeling powerless to change them, ends up accepting them as par for the course. This makes it easier to maintain the broken status quo.

As a private citizen, you won't change what any government does, which is why it's even more important that you protect yourself from these worst-case scenarios.

Public Apathy

The apathy of the average person is the cause. We can't blame the elite at this point; they are just doing what the public lets them get away with.

It is legitimately depressing when you pierce the matrix, when you take the "red pill," because it shows you how unaware most people are.

Finding the truth can be a lonely experience. The truth is lonely because so few possess it or even care about finding it.

Some people build bunkers and stockpile guns, ammo, and food. This is the fighting mentality.

I did a bit of this myself. I've now changed my mind on this after seeing 2020. The amount the government has intervened in private citizen life in the name of "safety" has shaken me to the core. I no longer trust this country nor the countless morons running it.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”-Benjamin Franklin

What about prepping?

Hardcore prepping is no longer a viable option for my family because I don't trust the government will protect my rights.

I used to think it might, or probably would. Now I think it's statistically likely it won't uphold its end of the bargain.

Thus my only option at this point is to have a backup plan B that involves leaving the second things go haywire. I will not stand and fight because I can't afford to.

In the meantime, I will continue to civilly disobey and share information like this, but fighting my own government and fighting soldiers that are unaware pawns of that government is not my idea of justice or what's right. Everyone loses in that scenario, and I generally hope it never comes to that.

The math, unfortunately, shows it probably will.

The absurdities of 2020 have compelled me to expedite my Plan B.

I can no longer get around this need. It's why I'm shifting a lot of my content to these topics.

The thing about governments is they all become Frankenstein one way or another—no one can stop it even if they wanted to, which is why you are always forced to put it down. This is why I believe the government will eventually collapse and need rebuilding. I don't want my family caught in the wake of that destruction, nor do I have any interest in being apart of the process.

It saddens me that so many good people will suffer as they always have through history when governments go to war or destroy their currency or is taken over by tyrants. This stuff is the RULE rather than the exception in history. You can see it inside any 8th-grade history book.

A plan B is a must for any freethinking and aware citizen of any government.

I've always been interested in having multiple passports and being a global citizen, but it wasn't until 2020 that I was forced to make it happen now rather than "someday."

As I write this, we are smack dab in the middle of a so-called "pandemic," and I've lost all confidence in the future of this country.

I always had my gripes with government encroachment on personal freedoms, but I assumed cooler heads would prevail and that it wouldn't affect my personal life.

Then 2020 brought about wide-sweeping destruction of personal rights in the name of absurd notions around "flattening a curve" and mask-wearing mandates all based on a complete lack of data. And it's still going on: where I live, Austin just passed an Orwellian $2000 fine for not wearing a mask in public.

What's going to happen in 2021 when another seasonal flu-like virus comes out as it does every year? The way these things go, they are always worse than the last, thank the media and politicians for that.

The media will jump on the next virus and the politicians will come in to do their damage. That's what I'm worried about. There are 50-100 coronaviruses a year floating out there. All it takes is one of them to catch a headline, then life as we know it is over, again. Mandated vaccines, mandatory masks, laws against hugging, and other absurdities will prevail.

That is what 2020 has highlighted for me. I believe it's a near certainty this is going to happen again. The math points to it. I believe the likelihood we won't get a crazy world of mandated vaccines, chip tracking, and other absurdities around passports, is nil.

Thus Plan B.

My Plan B strategy

None of what you are about to read is legal advice, and I still need to vet many of these recommendations myself. I'm not suggesting you break the law. It's not worth it. Don't waste your time or money dealing with the government. There are so many legal ways to create a plan B that it's not necessary to go there.

You should do as much research as you need to make an educated decision for yourself. This is a simple intro guide to these ideas and nothing more.

This is what I'm doing:


1. Plan B strategy number #1: Real Money and wealth

Gold - the most trusted money in history. I keep some in my OneGold account and some in my physical possession

Silver - way heavier and harder to move. I keep this in a Swiss vault with this service OneGold (affiliate link)

Bitcoin - I sold all my other altcoins the second I truly understood what Bitcoin is and what altcoins are. I also went from a holder of one bitcoin, thinking it was a great long term way to hold wealth, to a staunch supporter and believer that bitcoin is divine and the future. I go into this more in this guide here. LINK

Income - I own US stocks, though I sold most of my smaller holdings and choose to hold only companies I perceive to be as current monopolies. (Hint: they are all in tech)

Business - I own a business and have a salary as a CEO. I can work from anywhere. You could freelance or work as a remote employee, especially in 2020.

2. Mobility

Get your passport or renew it NOW.

Step 2, work on getting a second passport. There are many guides out there for doing this. As I write this, I'm still researching this.

Identify some countries you may want to live in. My current list includes Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Mexico.

Some choose to stay long term in other countries, and some prefer to move often. I much prefer slow travel: staying in a place for months at a time. With a family, this is a must. Do your research.

3. Liquidate

Your stuff owns you.

Most people are so attached to their "stuff" that leaving the country at a moment's notice seems impossible. Their mind cannot fathom the idea—what about my stuff?

Mitigate this by selling as much as possible. And start preparing yourself for the fact that your stuff is just stuff and ultimately means nothing.

If you must, figure out a storage option and create a plan for getting your stuff somewhere safe if needed. Mapping this out doesn't take much time and will make it that much easier to leave if it comes to that.

4. Lifestyle design

Start thinking about the ideal lifestyle you want.

Do you want to live in a hot climate next to the beach or somewhere more seasonal?

Do you want to live in a city or in the country?

Is high-speed internet a must?

How will you work, from home or coffee shops or coworking spaces?

The more you can answer questions like this, the easier it will be to visualize your life in other countries.


5. Debt

Stop living on and in debt. Become debt-free as fast as you can.


The more wealth you have, the more you should consider tax implications of moving and/or living abroad. There are many resources out there.

I would look into the following:

  • offshore bank accounts
  • IRS Tax return requirements living abroad
  • Second passports - teak ownership, real estate investment, each country has different opportunists and requirements.
  • Foreign LLCs

The best time to create a plan B is yesterday

You don’t have to dig that deep to see how dangerous our current world has become. If you are in the United States, then this is especially the case.

The most important thing you can do today is get your passport. This at least gives you a way out. If you had to leave at the drop of a hat, you could then figure out the rest somewhere else and move around between different countries as needed.

The second thing you should do today is looking into buying some gold and bitcoin. This is not investing or financial advice. This is what I did and I highly encourage anyone that gets it or wants to get it to do some research and acquire some as fast as they can. Think of it as a rainy day and emergency fund. Just buy it and hold it.

If you did just those two things, you’d already be ahead of 99.99% of most people.

What you don’t want to do is have to rush to do any of this because of factors outside of your control.

Get it done now and you'll sleep easy.

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