Are we medicating our future away?

Why are we giving kids medication to fit in? Maybe everyone else should be medicated.

Society tries to condemn, arrest, silence the dissenting minority - this is human group think manfest in a myriad of ways, with one of those ways being the suppression of children’s free thought and play.

Ritalin and other amphetamine-like drugs have for a long time been prescribed en masse to children with suspected ADHD and ADD in western societies. Some countries are more restrictive than others, but these practices are present to some extent almost everywhere. People are being given anti-depressants all over the world and there’s an opioid epidemic in the United States. Could it be that we’re seeing this from the wrong perspective? What do the institutions and schools have to do with our recent love for mental medication? Here’s a scary thought:  Are we medicating the wrong segment of the population?-Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics
Our societies are built upon institutions, and institutions, once in place, have a tendency to act in their own best interest. The people in them have much to lose by not giving in to the will of the machine, so to speak. This includes our schools in which the children are lumped together for many years with potentially nothing in common but their age. They are then forced to imbibe a curriculum adapted to the median, neatly packed into different subjects, and are then graded by the person most likely to be biased against their talent that exists -  the teacher. The internet has long since rendered this system obsolete but it seems only free thinkers understand that. If anyone should be medicated, it is not the children “on the spectrum.” Instead of giving these kids mind-numbing drugs, maybe we should try giving everyone else mind-enhancing drugs instead? The sad story about dumbing-down the gifted for the sake of the collective is nothing new. The Arab world, for instance, thrived scientifically between the 8th and the 14th century until the collective interest of religion effectively killed that. Socialist states keep collapsing, Venezuela being the latest tragic addition to this collective madness. Russia threw one of their best thinkers ever, Garry Kasparov, in jail. In short, any society that puts the collective before the individual is on a very dangerous path. Thanks to Keynesian economic theory and central bank counterfeiting, or quantitative easing, all countries are on this path right now. What are the odds that Satoshi was on Ritalin when he wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper?-Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics