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In order to survive in an ever-changing and hostile world, you need to build a robust life strategy with antifragility at its core.

In order to survive in an ever-changing and hostile world, you need to build a robust life strategy with antifragility at its core.

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[00:00:00] Nietzsche said he who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow. Now humans are complex creatures. We don't really know why we do a lot of things. We do. Very few of them are self-aware enough to understand our true why, what our true motivations are. And that's why self-awareness is probably the most important thing that you can develop as a human on an ongoing basis.

[00:00:20] Never-ending process me, for example, and my wife, her health and success are rooted in certain things that I don't feel like most people. Have thought about or are aware of, or are worried about rooted in the long-term future, which is again, kind of contrary to how most humans think where it's immediate reward, immediate feedback loops, things like that because that's where our biology was designed.

[00:00:43] And for whatever reason, genetics, upbringing, whatever, I tend to think longer term. And I have a longer time preference than the average person. So for me, I don't like taking the risks with my health so that I have to rely on some drug or surgeon or miracle, whatever to save my life. I don't want to wake up one day and have that the worst diagnosis that you can have.

[00:01:02] I don't want to wake up some day and think about how well, like I have this much time to live or whatever. I'm not putting my trust in things like that. I'm trying to control as much as I can. And so for me, that's my why around health and while not perfect. I'm more consistent than I've ever seen anybody in my life with my fitness nutrition, my buddy Logan Snead.

[00:01:22] He's probably right up there. He might be little bit more consistent than me when it comes to nutrition, but I've been training since I was 18 nonstop. There was only one period of time in my life where I skipped a couple of months and lost 30 pounds. And that was a major traumatic experience in my life that I went through.

[00:01:37] Aside from that, I've been training, lifting weights, exercising, doing all these things for eight, I mean crap, 20 years almost. And every time I think about not training, exercising, whatever I think about my health, I think about getting something like cancer, I think about getting a life-threatening diagnosis or illness.

[00:01:55] And I also think about how I would feel if I gained weight or whatever. And I was chubby my [00:02:00] twenties and I was playing poker and eating a lot and I kind of put some weight on and then I got really pissed off about it and I got my running routine down and then I cleaned up my diet, et cetera, that Y is like a fusion, reactor.

[00:02:13] Never ending source of energy. That makes me do what I do and keeps me consistent. So you have to find what your why is as well. My why for wealth and money and success, it's based on a few things now, as an entrepreneur, dealing with the free market really makes you look at who you are. And it really is a school of hard knocks.

[00:02:33] Like it doesn't care about your feelings. It doesn't care whether you think you have the best product in the world, the free market only rewards what it wants. So it is a very brutal. Honest truth teller. And it makes you absorb the truth. Like it makes you, you have no choice in the matter. You can tell yourself all stories you want, but when no customers show up or when your bank account hits zero and you can't pay your employees, it's the ultimate harbinger of the truth.

[00:02:57] So one of the really important things, one of my whys for success in having is to have freedom, sovereignty and security for myself. And now for my family, my two young boys, I don't trust governments. I don't trust politicians. I don't even necessarily believe that they're evil or out to ruin my life, but I believe that they fall victim to confirmation bias, all the biases that humans so easily succumb to.

[00:03:18] And they have different incentives than me. Our incentives are not aligned. Most people believe that the government has the same incentives. As they do, but they don't. And a politician has even fewer of the same incentives. Politicians care about optics. They care about getting reelected. They care about polls.

[00:03:34] They don't care about whether this new policy regulation or government mingling actually does anything or is successful. They just care about what people think it might do or does. And then how many people go back and look at the politicians track record. How many go back and say, this law did this.

[00:03:49] These are the unintended consequences. A lot of stuff doesn't even get researched. The government has no incentive to even research this stuff because it generally doesn't really care about results. It cares about public [00:04:00] perception and voting that's it. And that's the system we now have with this mostly becoming mob rule democracy.

[00:04:07] When we really should be a Republic constitutional Republic, I'm not putting my sovereignty, my safety, my security. My health, my wealth into others' hands. I don't trust people. I don't know. And I don't trust people when I don't believe our incentives are aligned. This is why the internet. And then Bitcoin are going to go down in history as the pivotal moment, pivotal to inventions that removed power from a consolidated source through governments, through huge umbrella corporations, anywhere you have consolidated power, the internet and Bitcoin has now given power to the people.

[00:04:43] They've made it so that people are hydro. You cut down one, you sensor one, you regulate one and two sprout up and it's place. All of these consolidated power sources over the next 50 to a hundred years are going to crumble. There's no recourse because again, you can't get enough guns, ammo, you can't sensor enough.

[00:05:00] You can't propagandize enough to control every citizen on the planet. And you can't even do that for every citizen in your own jurisdiction. You censored Twitter. And then some other platform comes up where people send emails or they do things like that. You try to read people's emails and texts messages, and then telegram or other encrypted sources prop up.

[00:05:18] This is natural law and consolidated power has always violated natural law. It's just been able to, because we haven't had something like the internet, which has given a kind of antifragility to human citizens. So there's never been a greater time to be alive. And I'm very optimistic about our future, but this is a big, but.

[00:05:40] I don't know what's going to happen throughout this revolutionary process. I believe that we will have, I know that we will have a much more bloodless or yeah, bloodless less blood revolution than in past times because we're not shooting each other with muskets or we've probably staved off nuclear war.

[00:05:55] Although that is still a threat. We are going to have more of a war of ideas, a [00:06:00] war of ideologies, which already do have, you can see it in America. And whether or not we go to like the path of Canada, where for example, a man, the other day was arrested for calling his biological female daughter, because she identifies as a male and wants to be called like him and he didn't do it.

[00:06:15] And so a judge issued an arrest warrant for him for doing that. Now whether America follows suit, that kind of nonsense remains to be seen. It's very possible. We could go that route. So my wife for having money, wealth security is to be able to leave America and go somewhere else. That treats me better if I need to it's to have the ultimate flexibility as a global citizen, not just an American citizen, the internet and Bitcoin are the two things they're going to bring the same opportunities to all citizens around the world.

[00:06:45] And as more governments try to fight it off, people will find a way around and it will be like fighting a hydro. So every one citizen, they cut down to moral spring up in his place. This is why now every piece of content I put out the same call to action. Every single time is going to be buy Bitcoin.

[00:07:02] Don't sell it, keep it and get a passport, no matter where you live in the world, you need a way in and out of other countries. If things go really bad, Bitcoin is your ultimate insurance policy. It's also going to end up being one of the great investments you've ever made though. I don't look at it as investment.

[00:07:17] So this isn't investment advice. This is just something that you need to own and hold like you would own. Extra food in your pantry, or maybe you have some guns and ammo or maybe have some extra water or maybe have a generator, et cetera, moving into the future. As government try to exert more control over their citizens.

[00:07:34] These things are gonna become more important. And it's gonna be less about hunkering down and having a much of resources, physical resources. It's going to be more about having mobility to leave and go places where the government hasn't lost its mind. And then that's how free markets will work. We already see it happening with California.

[00:07:50] People are leaving California in droves because California politicians are complete Otter morons. And just the liberal Nazis that's been going on there for years have destroyed the [00:08:00] state. Same thing with New York. A lot of people coming to Texas. I just hope that we don't go the same route. And then for me, I back up options, including Mexico, Costa Rica, maybe Thailand, Philippines, things like that.

[00:08:11] Especially places where my Bitcoin and our dollars go a long way. At least for now the dollar still go along the way. So I always have the opportunity to leave and go ride it out somewhere else. Maybe this for a few years, maybe it's forever. Just because I was born onto this little patch of soil.

[00:08:27] Doesn't mean I have to be beholden to that government. And the same is true for you wherever you're watching this, the entire idea of government control and consolidated power is a violation of natural law. I won't get into all the reasons why in the history, whatever, it's the world we live in now. But like I said, internet and Bitcoin is your greatest.

[00:08:45]Opportunity to become antifragile to it. Not just robust, not just like I'm safe, but actually you would benefit these things. Go awry. Now we hope it doesn't because it's gonna be a lot of suffering for a lot of people. But if it does, and you've prepared maybe a little bit silver and gold stowed away that you can kind of take with you.

[00:09:02] You have your Bitcoin, you have your passport. Those that are prepared will become the most powerful people on the planet. Now, hopefully it just doesn't create a new paradigm of power and struggle. Hopefully it's more about bringing prosperity to all. Hopefully we can immediately get to that prosperity for all a decentralized model sovereignty to humans, smaller city States, where citizens basically vote and self-govern themselves.

[00:09:23] And if things go bad, you leave et cetera. That's how we're gonna get to a world that best respects human rights. That's going to be a world where the sovereign individual human has the power and it's going to lead to a better world for all more equality for all. And it's going to respect natural law.

[00:09:40] I'm getting there. I don't know what's going to happen to get there, but I do know that from my lifetime and my sons and so on and so forth, I want to pass down the legacy of awareness of safety, of security, of sovereignty, help promote these ideas. Other people like you watching this right now. And then over time as more people accept that they [00:10:00] have a natural right to natural laws, to natural rights and freedoms and sovereignty.

[00:10:04] Governments will have no choice, but to respect that because if they don't respect it, another government will welcome them with open arms. And then that government will collapse. This is how free market works. If you provide a shitty product, people won't buy it. Government is a product. Most of us can go anywhere in the world.

[00:10:23] And we just have this mindset that we have to stay where we're at in our communities there. And we grew up there, et cetera. So we have this bias to the way we've lived and what we know, but there are places around the world that you can go and live amazing. And with little to no government intervention and there's pros and cons of everything, of course.

[00:10:38] But as America becomes more of a socialist democracy and likely to lead to full blown socialism with like UBI and things like that. And then all the laws and regulations and freedoms are gonna be taken away throughout that process. You go somewhere else. And as more people do that, as more people leave, you will take power with you.

[00:10:56] And over time, this process will force change. Or the government will collapse. That's the free market. Just like any business goes bankrupt. If it doesn't service customers, the way they want government will go the same route. It will just take a long time because again, governments, aren't beholding to free markets and they can control manipulate and et cetera.

[00:11:16] So buy Bitcoin, buy passport, get on the better human newsletter. Call him.coach. I'll see you in the next one.

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