Being Yourself is the Greatest Accomplishment

The biggest regret of the dying is that they lived their life for someone else, not for themselves. Don't let this happen to you.

The biggest regret of the dying is that they lived their life for someone else, not for themselves. Don't let this happen to you.

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[00:00:00] Nobody in the history of planetearth, mankind or in the future is ever going to have your unique set ofexperiences of skills, of everything. You were the only you that therewill ever be.

[00:00:28] Well, that's frustrating. Justrecorded four minutes, thought it was going well. And then the is not evenrecording. Welcome back, ladies and gents, Colin Stucker here, the wild CEO foranother video on something that's going to help you. Hopefully. No matter whereyou're seeing this, I'm actually going to simulcast this.

[00:00:45] I'm just going to go on theescaping for jelly podcast, my new show, and it's going to go on my mainYouTube and the central mind podcasts. You can get links toeverything@colin.coach. You can subscribe to all the respective shows and getall the content. My main show, mostly around health mindset and personal[00:01:00] development type stuff.

[00:01:00] Escaping fragility. There's alittle bit of that in there. There's a little bit of mindset. There's some biasstuff, but there's also a lot of plan B buying gold, buying silver, how to be asovereign free individual and a little bit of politics every so often when Isee just some of the absurdity that's going on in 2020, I'd like to cover itthere.

[00:01:15] So it's a, is one of my favoritequotes by Emerson. It is something that is so important. It's also hard to acton. And depending on where you're at in your life, it might be more applicableto now or later or earlier. The quote is to be yourself in a world that isconstantly trying to make you something else is a greatest accomplishment.

[00:01:34] Ralph Waldo, Emerson. So to beyourself, when the world's trying to make you something else, when people aretrying to make you something else is a greatest accomplishment. Like why isthat though? Now? Here's the thing. Everybody struggles with. Self-confidenceeverybody struggles with the, who am I to say anything who might have YouTubeor podcasts or multiple or anything?

[00:01:52] Who am I to have people listento me about anything? Right. I get it. I've gone through all that evolution.When I started posting stuff on social media, [00:02:00] most people still areafraid to go on their Instagram like this and just like, or something like Ican do this all day long. In fact, I probably do too much.

[00:02:09] We all struggle with that.There's no permission. There's no gatekeepers. Nobody has to tell you you'regood enough other than you. And here's the thing. If you think you're notworthy where you don't have anything to say or whatever, let me just remind youof something. Nobody in the history. Of planet earth, mankind or in the futureis ever going to have your unique set of experiences of skills, of everythingyou were the only you that there will ever be.

[00:02:37] And guess what? 99.999% ofhumans never really go out there and share their gifts to the world becausethey're too afraid. And as Thoreau said, they live lives of quiet desperationand they go to the grave with their song still inside them, which is sad. Nowwe have this amazing thing called the internet, and we literally go on yourphone and broadcast anything.

[00:02:56] You talk about anything. Nowthink about this for a second. If you were [00:03:00] in a room of 10 peopleand you're sitting on a chair, you're giving a little speech on something orpresentation, maybe got like a whiteboard like this, and you're showing peoplesomething or motivating them or teaching them something or whatever.

[00:03:11] If those type of people gotvalue after your little talk or presentation or show. And they came up to youand said, Oh, that was awesome. Thank you so much, whatever. Or even if it wasa few people got value out of it, would you feel like that was a success? Wasthat a good use of your time? Would you feel happy about that outcome?

[00:03:27] Most people, as long as theydidn't bomb and they got some good feedback would probably be content and arehappy with that outcome. If I put a video on YouTube and he gets 10 views andlet's say gets like five likes out of that 10 views, like 50% ratio, it'sactually kind of high. But that video got 10 views forever.

[00:03:46] Now I can tell you right now,because I've been doing YouTube for awhile. And even when I got videos that dohundreds of views, I sometimes feel that paying a feeling, not enough peoplevideo, but the reality is if I break it down and think about it, 10 people, ifthey got value, they liked it. They enjoyed my video.

[00:04:00] [00:03:59] It was worth the timeand effort. It really was. That's how you gotta think about it. Don't worryabout these massive numbers. Don't compare yourself to these big social mediastars or whatever, if you can, and you can, everybody can. You can helpsomebody, you can teach them something, you should do that and then appreciateand have confidence in your ability to do that.

[00:04:21] Now I know it's a little bit offtopic for this, this quote, but it's just a way of thinking about who you areand having the confidence in who you are. I mean, you really are uniquesnowflake, but not in a bad way. Like we're all unique snowflakes, but not allof us appreciate that. Or understand that of ourselves.

[00:04:39] A lot of us have doubts andfears and whatever. And again, we live lives of quiet desperation going intothe grave with their song still inside. It says the rope said it's not good todo that. You know, one of the top requests, the dying, one of the top fiveregrets of the dying. I wish I wouldn't have lived my life for other people.

[00:04:55] I wish I would've lived for myself.Can you imagine that and your life, and you did a [00:05:00] bunch of things.Some people, their entire lives did things. That was for other people thatultimately didn't really care. Like even your parents, they want the best foryou, whatever. Maybe they want you to do certain things, but if you didn't doit, they're going to move on.

[00:05:13] They're going to, they're goingto get over it. They all do. Everybody does your partners, your French family,whatever. And if they really, really won't move on, then you don't, they don'tneed to be in your life. I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but sure you getone chance at this life. You get one shot.

[00:05:28] And if people really care aboutyou, they want you to be happy. So that may, that means not being a lawyer or adoctor going into massive debt and going to school for 10 years to dosomething, to live up to your parents' ideas or grandparents ideas or whatever,some legacy of the family or whatever, if it's not what you want to do, don'tdo it now.

[00:05:45] I believe in this, this conceptis egoism. It's either egoism or egotism. Maybe somebody can correct me in thecomments. It's like one of the only things I remember in community college thatI went to for like a year. Yeah. It's this idea that everybody does somethingfor themselves. We are all first selfish creatures.

[00:06:00] [00:06:00] I totally agree withthis. I totally buy into this because even if you give your life for someoneelse, if you're a martyr where you save someone else's life, you did it becauseyou want it to, you did it for yourself. If you commit your life to serving thepoor, you're doing it for yourself, you do it because you want to, what thatmeans is if you're doing things for other people, you're doing it because you'relikely afraid.

[00:06:22] Of their negative response andthen maybe a small part of you wants to like please them or whatever, but Iguarantee you it's more from fear and anything in life that is causing behaviorfrom fear is always, always the wrong path to take. It's always the wrongdecision to make. And it's always going to come back to bite you.

[00:06:45] Regret is going to bite you inthe face. We need more people that are willing to rock the boat, to be honest.In fact, here's a quick little story. I'll let you go after this because we'realready 80 minutes. So we just had our second son, second addition to the[00:07:00] family. It happened last week, we had a home birth, natural birth.

[00:07:03] We had a doula and midwives comehere. The doula came for follow-up visit. And I was here through the wholething. I wasn't in the room the whole time or anything. I mean, we're talkinglike a 30 hour ordeal, which is just simply incredible. And I will say everyfemale on the planet that goes through that.

[00:07:21] You have my absolute gratitudeand massive respect because I told the doula when she asked me, well, how wasthe experience for you? And I said, well, honestly, I'm just sitting herethinking I'm just really glad I don't have to go through this. And she kindalaughed like, well, at least he's honest and Alison didn't even bat an eye.

[00:07:42] Like this is who I am. Like I, Isay I tell the truth. Wow, big freaking surprise. I say what I mean, I mean,what I say and I tell the truth, Holy shit. And our modern, fragile PC culture.Can you believe that anybody does that? It's sad that that's the way it is.It's sad that people are surprised [00:08:00] when you're just straight up andhonest and tell the truth, but it's also something I'm extremely proud of and Itry to embrace as much as possible.

[00:08:06] And that means even sayingthings when they're unpleasant, that means giving feedback when they maybedon't want to hear it. Being honest, not being worried about ruffling feathers,not being worried about what somebody may say, think feel whatever, becausewhat you do when you sugarcoat things, walking on eggshells or all the crap in2020, right?

[00:08:24] These absurd laws, like callingnames, hate speech and, and try to mitigate anything anybody says, so thatnobody's offended. What you get is a fragile culture. What you get is a removalof truth. And in fact, I will, I will leave you with this. I don't want to gointo this, but this is kind of on my mind. I thought about it.

[00:08:41] The reason I think a lot of thisstuff about racism is so off target is because of an example that I'm going tojust give us a hypothetical example. This wouldn't happen always, but I couldsee this happening quite a bit. Okay. You see a lot of this kind of shaming ofwhite people going on right now.

[00:08:56] Yeah, there's inequality.There's racism, there's police [00:09:00] brutality. They kill lots of peopleevery year, white and black and Asian and everything. And I not really happyabout that. I think the police need to be demilitarized. I don't think thepolice need to be disbanded. I think we just need a better system, moretraining, more checks and balances, et cetera.

[00:09:12] That's all saying that we have alot of this shaming culture. We have a lot of this where white people arebasically the bad guy at this point, just cause the color of her skin, which inmy opinion, is racism. I mean, that's just straight racism. That's what it is.You're, you're defining a whole group of people and, or blaming them or doingsomething based on the color of your skin, knowing nothing about the characterand knowing nothing about what they believe, what they've done or haven't,that's racism, that's prejudice.

[00:09:35] Let's just assume it keeps going.What you're going to see as you have all this anti-racism training nonsense andyou have these things infect, cope, corporate culture. Well, what's going tohappen to those black people. That are in these companies that are majoritywhite that have white bosses, white coworkers, whatever.

[00:09:54] And all of those people areafraid to give potentially negative feedback [00:10:00] to this person that hasblack skin, because maybe they're afraid. Somebody's going to say it's racism.Maybe they're afraid of the person receiving. It's going to say it's racist.Maybe somebody else is going to say it's racist, who is hurt the most in thatsituation.

[00:10:13] I want you think about that asecond. Who do you think has hurt the most? Is it, the white people that canexpress themselves is that those people they're going to hurt the most, or isit the person that's not receiving the feedback because that person doesn't getfeedback. That version doesn't get a chance to improve or to be aware or learnanything.

[00:10:32] Right? It doesn't get feedbackfrom their workplace, their job, their career, they eventually get cut or firedbecause nobody opened their damn mouth to tell them. Now, tell me how that isgoing to be a good outcome. It's not. It's going to be worse. And I, and I, andI'm going to say, I guarantee you, we're going to be seeing it more and more.

[00:10:49] It might even be one of thosethings. That'll almost be like a ghost that you can't really identify becauseeverybody will be so fragile and afraid and nobody will say it. I guaranteeyou're going to see a [00:11:00] lot of black professionals that are just goingto be like, yeah, I lost my job and I don't know why nobody said anything tome.

[00:11:07] Or they like listed off allthese things about my performance. And they said it's been going on for sixmonths. And nobody told me. And like, in that case, that person, I mean, I feellike they would have a legitimate maybe lawsuit or a claim or whatever. Likethat's FDIC to not get feedback about your job, about what you're doing.

[00:11:25] That is F up. That's how we allimprove. We get feedback from the fricking world. And then we iterate with thatfeedback or we do the same damn thing and we don't, and we lose our job or wehave the repercussions or whatever. That's the way the world works. That's whyso much of this racism stuff tries to remove the reality.

[00:11:43] And all that's going to do isgoing to hurt the very people that it's apparently protecting, even though Idon't think it is actually protecting anybody. It's just one of those examplesof like, you might have like white supremacists that might be like 0.0, zero,1% of the population or whatever. Yeah, sure.

[00:11:57] They exist. Nazis exist. There'sstill people [00:12:00] that like have gatherings that they probably exist.They're probably in the ground, but. Those people are not a problem for 90, 90,90, 99% of people. They're not a problem in 99% of workplaces. They're not aproblem for 99% of the interactions online. They're not a problem for 99.99,nine, 9% of the interactions of people just out and about in life.

[00:12:20] Yet the idea that they are sodangerous and it's so prevailing and it's all built into these systems iswhatever has become the narrative. And again, it's going to create more divide,more divisiveness. It's going to make it more of a fragile PC culture. Morepeople are going to be what's the word, more people are going to be stifled.

[00:12:40] More people are going to be heldback because of this, because they're not going to get the valuable feedbackfrom the world. And that's a damn shame. And that's about as equal as you canfreaking get aside from, you know, obviously slavery and that kind of crap. Iknow the quote was to be yourself in a world.

[00:12:58] That's constant trying to makesomething else, [00:13:00] great accomplishment. And somehow it took a turn.Let me know what you think about this. Let me know what you think about themain quote or maybe even the last topic. I'm curious to hear maybecounterargument because I could see that happening. And it's one of thoseexamples of people yelling about problems, being angry and outraged about theimperfection of the world.

[00:13:20] And then kind of ignoring thesolutions or coming up with these half-assed absurd solutions, like anti-racismtraining and all that, like just complete absurdity, really with no scientificbacking whatsoever. It's all that crap, subscribe, comment. Do those things. Ifyou want, if you don't, I don't know.

[00:13:39] Just think better, live better.Ask yourself questions. Be more aware. Help your family be healthy. I'll seethe next one, please always remember that the members of the ancestral mindpodcast are not. In fact medical professionals. They're not doctors, they'renot nutritionists. They are simply [00:14:00] providing the entertainment foryou to do your own research and to entertain yourselves.

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[00:15:07] I want to let you know about mynews podcasts over at escaping fragility. A show about building a life foryourself, being safe, being secure, having a plan B so that if this crazy worldof 2020. Continues or gets worse, which a lot of the numbers are suggesting. Itwill then you and your family will be protected.

[00:15:25] A lot of my content for mypersonal brand has been focused on giving people the knowledge, the expertise,the skills, and just the awareness of some of the craziness that's going on sothat they can protect themselves so that they can fight back so that they canbe civilly disobedient so that we can stymie the ever encroaching spread ofgovernment and of corporate and political agenda.

[00:15:44] If more citizens do not standup, fight back, speak up. There's going to be nothing left to protect. And Idon't like fear-mongering and I'm generally optimistic person, but 2020 hasstressed me out at first. It didn't. But then it did, when I really saw whatwas going on. When I read a little bit between the [00:16:00] lines and evennow the craziness is continuing and I don't see it letting up any time soon,the masses are too easily manipulated.

[00:16:06] And so I'm more concerned what'sgonna happen in 2021 when the next flu season comes through and another Coronavirus has weaponized. And then who knows what's going to happen? Travelrestrictions. Mandatory vaccines, chipped and proud of our cattle. People thinkit can't happen. They stick their head down, but they did in Mao's China, theydid installing Russia.

[00:16:24] They did and Nazi Germany, andthen it was too late. And who pays the price? It's always, always, always thecitizens. That are having faith and that are just hoping things get better.They're the ones that always pay the price. So the first thing we can do isprotect yourselves and our family have a plan B having a escape option, andthen we can help others head over to call them a coach, get on the M fivenewsletter.

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