Better Human is a Choice

Why do we suck at doing what we known we should do.

Why is hindsight 20/20-and it always seems so clear and obvious after the fact?

The short asnwer is: you’re imperfect.

Humans are imperfect. Mothr Nature had to make trade offs, so we’ve inheriated all of the good and bad.

Then there’s the problem of human emotion and biology and the fact that you might know why you do what you do and think what you think, but that seldom translates into perfect action.

why is that?

Most people suck at doing things they know they should do. They can logically KNOW something yet act the opposite.

why is that?

We have mountains of data, countless books, and millions of words coming out each day that add to our collective understanding of human performance and mindset. But even the humans creating this content are not free from being human.

To further compound the disconnect, most people in the modern world are distracted, depressed, medicated, and chasing external pleasures in an attempt to fill the ever-growing extensional void in their chest.

“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” -Nietzsche

Most people aren’t are or don’t care to become aware of the power of their minds. This is not the path of least resistance.

The 99% default to the status quo. The status quo for the average person is to follow whatever everyone else is doing. This translates into a form of mass hypnosis and groupthink at the hands of pop culture, mainstream media, and politics. So people end up following the rote path for their careers, health, investments, and relationships.

So you get more sick and depressed people leading more sick and depressed people.

The 1% are the 1% because they take a proactive approach to their lives.

The 1% move humanity forward. They are the reason the 99% enjoy the comforts they do. And they keep challenging the status quo so we can all continue to live better lives. (The irony in the fact that the 99% attacks them rewrite)f

You choose to be like everyone else, or you choose to take control of your life. There is no in-between.