Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Your You or me or politicians or governments. And that's ggggreeaaattt!
Bitcoin doesn’t care about nationality, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual preferences, or any other imagined victimization or privilege. To Bitcoin, we’re all equal. It is a voluntary system, and it knows no biases. Bitcoin is equality of opportunity in its purest form, and it doesn’t have any opinion on outcome whatsoever.‍-Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics

Bitcoin is freedom

Here’s why

Governments can’t control it or stop it.

If they can’t, you sure can’t, and neither can I.

No one can.

It is a decentralized hydra that gets stronger each time it’s attacked.

It doesn’t give a shit about your politics or if you think things should be a certain way.

You can’t bully it, censor it, control it, manipulate it, persuade it. The only thing you can do is join it and help it or get the fuck out of the way.It is a living organism that does one thing and does it better than anything else in history—scarcity (money).

Bitcoin is a spontaneous big bang of life that came into existence right as humanity needed it, just like fire, the wheel, penicillin, the steam engine, steel, and many of the other great discoveries that humanity has uncovered by tinkering with nature.

And if I hadn’t found Bitcoin—or it hadn’t found me—I’d have a much bleaker look on the future of America and humanity.

Bitcoin is Hope, as Michael Saylor says.