Do we live in a post-history world?

C. S. Lewis called it “chronological snobbery,” the idea that past humans and times were inferior to now.

We look back on past generations and snicker at their primitive technologies and ideas.

What’s most dangerous about this idea is how so many modern humans think we live in a post-history world where history is only a thing of the past.

But 2020 is history to 2040. And 2021 will be a completely different time compared to 2100.

The thing I wonder about is how many things we believe today will be “debunked” in the near future?

My guess is it’ll be a lot.

And if you look at history and how fast technology and the collective human consciousness evolves, this will keep happening at a faster rate moving into the future.

This is one reason why I don’t trust the government, politicians, or “experts” on anything.

It’s why I focus on first principles thinking and why I don’t blindly accept ANYTHING without rigorous analysis and experimentation.

I’m an outlier, that’s true, but we can ALL claim more of our agency to think for ourselves. And we should. We must.

Because the only way to protect individual sovereignty and bring freedom to all humans is to protect the right and promote the necessity of individuals thinking for themselves.

Bitcoin solves the money problem, but only you can solve the ‘think for yourself’ problem.

For every single human that outsources her thinking to someone else, we have a problem.

Letting others think for you is how the powerful maintain and gain more power—by convincing you that you need them and that they will take care of you.

It’s how corporations dupe you into buying junk you don’t need.

It’s how religious radicals convince young men to kill themselves so they can go to heaven, where 72 virgins will be waiting for them.

So on and so forth.

All because of letting others think for you.

I can’t think of a more tragic realization to have than to realize that maybe you should have thought for yourself at the end.

It makes me sick, and why I’m compelled to share these ideas with as many people as possible.

A simple way to think about this:

  1. Every time you repeat something you hear/see without checking source material, you lie to yourself and others because you have no actual clue what you’re talking about. (I know not everyone feels this way, but come on, people— let’s be better!)
  2. If you make important life decisions (medical, financial, health, child-rearing, etc) because “it’s what everyone is doing,” then consider that most people are the following: overweight, depressed, addicted to fake food, drugs, pharmaceuticals, screens, distractions, are poor sleepers, don’t know history, care more about sounding right than being right, believe what they see on TV, suck at eye contact, are judgmental and closed-minded and are otherwise not thriving humans.

Just a couple of things I hope you’ll consider.

The mark of a Better Human is thinking for yourself.