Growth vs. Fixed Mindset is Everything

Your mindset is the center of everything. How you think determines everything. Why don't we spend more time on mindset? It's a shame. Today I discuss the most important thinking principle that you must get right—growth vs fixed mindset.

Your mindset is the center of everything. How you think determines everything.Why don't we spend more time on mindset?It's a shame.Today I discuss the most important thinking principle that you must get right—growth vs fixed mindset



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[00:00:54] You become exactly what you tellyourself. You are. And when you tell yourself you're are something, when you[00:01:00] say I'm just the fat guy, like for example, a friend of mine doesthis all the time, drives me nuts, or I'm just this, or I'm not good at that orwhatever you are that way for as long as you keep telling yourself that,

[00:01:24] Hey, Colin, here. Well CEO allabout health nutrition, waking up taking the red pill, individual sovereignty,extreme ownership, all the things that make you an effective, healthy human.That's what I'm about on this channel. So hope you join me, hit that subscribebutton and let's get today's piece of content fixed versus growth mindset.

[00:01:38] I'll give you an example. If yousay I'm just not good at math fixed mindset. I did this all through growing upin school. I just thought I wasn't good at math. And that was that. And then Ibecome an entrepreneur and I started working with spreadsheets and I was like,wow, I'm actually pretty good at this thing.

[00:01:51] Interesting. Isn't that? But foras long as I told myself, I'm not good at this, I wasn't good at it. You becomeexactly what you tell yourself you are. [00:02:00] And when you tell yourselfyou're are something, when you say I'm just the fat guy, like for example, a friendof mine does this all the time, drives me nuts, or I'm just this, or I'm notgood at that or whatever you are that way for as long as you keep tellingyourself that.

[00:02:12] And you tell people this, whenthey say this, you, I get this fixed mindset crap all the time. And I alwaysfeel the need to kind of comment on it. Cause it's so glaringly obvious to me.And for most people they're completely unaware that they do it. They're alsocompletely unaware of how damaging it is to their psyche and how it keeps themstuck in the same place, growth mindset.

[00:02:28] On the other hand, believes thatyou can be anything. If you work at it, if you invest the time, if somebody ismore successful than you in some way, or they're this way or that way, they havesimply invested more time and energy to getting that thing. And you have not.It's about as simple as that, there are certain genetic limitations.

[00:02:46] I'm never gonna play in the NBA,but I wouldn't try to play the MBA because I kind of get that. If you're dyingdream is to be an NBA superstar that's as good as LeBron James. Well, you'regoing to probably hit a wall, some point same thing with something likegymnastics, which is very genetically intensive and you need a [00:03:00]certain body type and size, et cetera.

[00:03:02] Outside of things like sportsstyle and things that have certain genetic variables that you can't control. Imean, you can control to an extent like can get really strong if you want, butthen you have to compete in a certain way class, et cetera. Outside of thatthough growth and fixed mindset explains everything in your life.

[00:03:16] If you want something, you gotto go to your thoughts, how do you think what narratives and labels are youplacing on things that you're telling yourself up? How often are you lying toyourself? This stuff is so common. And if the public school system was actuallyinterested in educating people, this would be a class taught in every schoolfor every year that you were in formal education.

[00:03:36] Yet you don't ever find a classon mindset. You probably won't even see the growth versus fixed idea anywherein typical school or even higher education. This is something you have tofigure out on your own as it goes with most things in life that are actuallyuseful in 2020 and beyond. So here is the comment.

[00:03:56] That prompted this video. It wason a video, [00:04:00] the Lux Friedman podcasts, or Lex podcasts. Great, goodshow. I've been watching it more and more. It was like a three minute clip.That was what is the meaning of life. And he kind of talks about how blendcanvas and he talks about you can basically paint whatever you want.

[00:04:11] So here's. The comment, how islife a blank canvas? When you were born as a certain person with a uniquecharacter, body, weight, height, sex, et cetera. When you were given a specificname from birth, when you were born into a particular family that you must fitinto and a culture in which you must find belonging and other likemindedpeople, et cetera, life is less like a blank canvas and more like a set paintby numbers.

[00:04:32] This just. Breaks my heart thatpeople actually think this way, even to name something like your name is ifyour name has anything to do with the person you are or what you can achieve alife completely and utterly ridiculous, same thing with sex, weight, body, etcetera. Character is something that changes every single day.

[00:04:47] When you wake up and you arethis person, you're that person tomorrow. If you do something else, you're thatperson. That's your character. It's not some set genetic thing that you have nocontrol over height. Yeah. You can't control that weight. You absolutely can't.It could be and healthy as possible. [00:05:00] But beyond that, you know,there are certain genetic limitations point is you accept that, understandthat, and use the things that you've been given.

[00:05:07] Use your strengths while workingon your weaknesses and accept things that you can't control and focus on whatyou can. This is where stoicism comes in for things like this, which I highlyrecommend you read about and look into. And it's a philosophy for life. Andthen he talks about fitting into a culture and you must find belonging there orwhatever, but it's like that might've existed 50, a hundred years ago.

[00:05:26] Like there are certainlimitations of geography and people around you, whatever, but you can alwaysmitigate those and even change those. You can leave, you can go to anothercountry, you can find your tribe online. Like today. There's never been a timein the history of mankind where you can be your own unique original person andyou can and live any life you want.

[00:05:44] Literally any life you want, ifyou have the growth mindset. You accept that you can live any life you want andyou accept the responsibility that's required to go towards that life. You wantthis kind of mindset. This will never change [00:06:00] until they change thesethoughts. That's a given, that's a for sure.

[00:06:03] That's a hundred percent. I betmy entire net worth on it. Here's my comment with that mindset. You were right.You said it. So it is a hundred percent true for you. I'd never say that. Ipersonally never even think about my name or body or genetics or anything. Ican't change as being something given or set for me.

[00:06:18] I think that would be amiserable way to view life and the gifts you've been given. Oh, and it's sadthat so many people go through life. They never reach their true potential.They, a lot of times don't even find happiness because they stifle the thingsthat matter to them because they want to fit some normal ideal.

[00:06:33] And because society tells themthis or family tells them this and they don't actually fully embrace who theyare as a person. That's the greatest waste of humanity. As Thoreau said, mostmen and women, he didn't say the women part, but most men, which also applieswomen live lives of quiet desperation, going to their grave with their song,still inside them.

[00:06:51] If you don't want to go to gravewith their song still inside you, then you need to kill those bad labels andnarratives. And you need to absolutely demolish that fixed [00:07:00] mindset.You need to have a growth mindset. You need to accept responsibility that ifyou don't have something, then you haven't done the work to get it.

[00:07:08] If you're not good at somethingyou haven't done the work to get good at it. It's funny when you map this out,it's literally one plus one equals two yet somehow in our warp twisted PCfragile snowflake culture. This simple reality of reality is ignored becauseit's an inconvenient truth because it takes effort because it's hard becauseyou're gonna have the struggle at times, iron sharpens, iron, you do not reachyour potential.

[00:07:35] Through softness through easethrough comfort, and this is the same way growth versus fixed mindset. If youwant achieve anything in life, if you want to be the person that you want tobe, and you want to reach your highest potential, and you want to actuallybuild things or create things or have money or whatever it is, you need agrowth mindset.

[00:07:51] You have to believe that if youput in the work, you can get the rewards period. Please always [00:08:00]remember that the members. Of the ancestral mind podcast are not in factmedical professionals. They're not doctors, they're not nutritionists. They aresimply providing this entertainment for you to do your own research and toentertain yourselves.

[00:08:15] So please consult a physicianbefore changing your diet. Not everything works for everybody and make sure youalways do your own research on everything you hear on this show and outside.Hey, everybody calling here. Thanks for listening to that show. I want to letyou know about my newest podcast over at escaping fragility, a show aboutbuilding a life for yourself, being safe, being secure, having a plan B so thatif this crazy world of 2020 continues or gets worse, which I love the numbersare suggesting it will then you and your family will be protected.

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[00:09:44] How's China. They did installit's Russia. It did. And Nazi Germany, and then it was two. And who pays theprice? It's always, always, always the citizens. That are having faith and thatare just hoping things get better. They're the ones that always pay the price.So the first thing [00:10:00] we can, the news protect yourselves and ourfamily have her plan B have an escape option, and then we can help others headover to call them a coach, get on the M five newsletter.

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