How long to discover who you are?

  • Welcome to the Better Human Podcast Show, I’m Your Host, @ColinStuckert and I’m here to help you opt out of your broken society so you can take your thinking and and life into your own hands.
  • We cover HOW to do this, How to think for yourself, How to be self-reliant, and How to challenge everything you've been told.
  • Through that process, you'll become a sovereign human. That's the ultimate goal and how we make the world a better place one free better human at a time.

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💯 Main Idea

I've finished a few pages on the website explaining my Better Human philosophy. It's amazing that at 36, I'm still discovering and refining my philosophy and how I want to spend my time. That's great, and I love it, but it also highlights just how long it takes to come into your own. I feel like many humans today aren't even on that path because they are so-plugged into the matrix that they don't know there even exists a Red Pill that can wake them up to what's really going on around them and inside them.

🏃🏻Call to Action / Something to Think About

  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Buy guns / ammo
  • Buy gas/water and have an escape plan
  • Have your passport

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The Better Human Revolution

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