How Your Life is Built on Things You've Never Seen or Touched and Why Trust is Dangerous

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💯 Main Idea

You believe things you've never seen or verified for yourself.

Your brain isn't designed for the modern world, that’s why you are so easily susceptible to the fear-based propaganda the media and politicians spin.

Fear plays tricks on you in all kinds of ways. Fear is the real virus you should protect yourself from.

Every day the morons on TV pretend they know what they are doing and pretend they care about anyone but themselves, and the polls are a day that has strengthened my resolve and reinforced the research, thought, and planning I've already done.

It makes me stronger. And being stronger makes me happier.

If you've yet to reach this level, this overcoming of your fear and the mainstream narrative, then get to it. Start working.

Try this: Replace the time you spend consuming fear porn for reading history, psychology, and some philosophy, and watch what happens.

Spoiler: You won't care as the world destroys itself. You'll be happy and winning.

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