If you can't change your mind, you're doomed

"The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind." -Nietzsche

Most people don’t know what the only universal constant is.

I’ve asked many people this question on podcasts, and they usually struggle to answer it, not sure what I’m looking for.

But it is a law of nature: nothing is fixed.

Since nothing is static, change is the only constant.

The only constant in the Universe is change.

Everything is in flux.

Everything is changing, constantly, always, forever, and never stops changing.

Now consider how this universal law applies to everything.

If you are rigid, you become fragile. Fragile things break.

If you are fluid and dynamic and respond to stress with a strategy to improve, you embrace the law of nature.

The body that doesn’t move breaks down.The relationship that doesn’t grow dies.The skill left dormant wastes away.

The organism that isn’t forever responding to change consciously is dying.

As it relates to your mind, it’s your thoughts that must adapt.

If your thoughts are rigid, or if you refuse to challenge them in a healthy way that respects the universal law, then you are going to suffer needlessly. And it’ll be your fault.

Most people care more about feeling right than being right.

So they cherry-pick data, ideas, beliefs, research, etc., while at the same time preventing anything in that would allow them to think critically.

It’s one big circus of confirmation bias going round and round 🎡

Let’s say you don’t want to succumb to confirmation bias, and you want to evolve your thinking.

First of all, I have to say congrats because you are now in the minority. So good on you for that desire.

Second, my best advice is to start the habit of doing your thinking and investigation.

Stop accepting anything you see or hear as anything other than a big fat MAYBE.

It might be true, might not, but either way, it is certainly based on the incentives of the mouth it is coming out of.

Simply put, become the skeptic.

Nothing is even close to a fact until you’ve done rigorous analysis.

You should be shrugging your shoulders a lot.

Say maybe to most things.

“Interesting” is a helpful response because it implies maybe, maybe not, but worth investigating either way.

No matter what you do, separate your desire to think something or like someone from the information itself.

Your faulty human brain does everything it can to cling to ideas based on o a slew of biases. Resist that.

Take ideas, put them in a vacuum, and make them stand independently regardless of you or anyone else.

That’s my best advice for forming the foundation of critical thinking for yourself.