Is Bitcoin bad for climate because it uses energy? Nope. Here's why.

Is Bitcoin bad for the environment?

If you follow the MSM, you'd think so.

What if I told you it was good, even great, for the climate?

What if I told you that we should use MORE energy to produce bitcoin?

As mentioned before, bitcoins are valuable because they’re scarce and they’re scarce because they’re costly to produce. The same is true for gold or diamonds or anything else that is scarce and hard to come by. As discussed in earlier chapters, the mining algorithm can never be any more energy efficient because the electricity spent is directly linked to the value of the token. -Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics

Bitcoin is deflationary, fiat dollars are inflationary- bitcoin incentives saving, it goes up in value. fiat dollars go down in value, that incentives spending and waste.

The next time you hear about the Bitcoin network using as much energy as a small country, ask yourself - where would all that energy have ended up if it wasn’t funneled into the only invention trying to save us from ourselves there is? Into a Chinese factory producing consumer goods shipped by boat, truck and car for temporary use and probably ending up in a garbage pile the size of a small country in less than a year? How is that better for the planet? -Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics