Is Bitcoin The Next Myspace?

"Will some other token ever replace bitcoin then? After all, more efficient protocols are out there. Short answer - no. This has been mentioned several times before in this book but it can’t be stressed enough. Scarcity on the internet was a one time discovery. It was a one time invention and it cannot be repeated because resistance to replicability is the invention. Bitcoin’s history and unique position is what makes it truly scarce and resistant to change and these first ten years will not repeat themselves for any “alternative” token."
-Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics

People think #Bitcoin can be replaced by something with "better technology," but that's impossible since no human can create scarcity through decentralization—it had to be discovered and can't be rediscovered.

And that's why no alt-coin is ever going to "replace" Bitcoin.

BETTER cannot be man-created and that's the point, which is why Bitcoin can't be replaced. And why no single person or group can create "scarcity protected by decentralization"