Living Free Is A Choice 020

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💯 Main Idea

Finding freedom does not necessarily mean abolishing government, but staying out of its reach. If government does not kill or imprison you, steal your property, or forcefully change your behavior—are you then oppressed in real terms? Not really. The most effective way to “break free” is thus to simply avoid those parts of government that you find oppressive. Saving and investing your money offshore is a good start. If you have a constant flow of money never taxed, then you have won back a big part of your life and liberty. Register your car and property with your own offshore foundation in Panama or Costa Rica . Start your own network in the black market to avoid sales tax and regulations—trade with your friends, relatives, neighbors, friends’ friends, etc. Put your business online, registering the site in another name to avoid getting caught. There are many simple tricks to avoid irritating regulations. Freedom through avoidance.

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